It seems like war is going on to make foldable phone as a lot of companies are working on the fold-able phones.If you can fold it once, why not fold it twice?

Foldable devices will going  to be the next big thing in the smartphone market. 2019 is a year were we are expecting to  seen a lot of innovation in mobile screen.  As Samsung announced  its first fold-able smartphone Samsung F then soon  a lot of Companies started  showing there  proto-type of  their fold-able phones.

Then shows the Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi a tri-folding tablet-phone hybrid  which seems a tablet turns into phone when folded right or left.

The video was release by Xiaomi but without any additional details. from what it seems from the video that the UI was quite responsive as soon as the device changes into fold-able state it adapt it really well.

Video of the xiaomi fold-able phone

The video raises a lot of questions whether Xiaomi is working on the fold-able. if it is true then it is going to be the most interesting fold-able concept even seen. If they could bring the concept to masses then it might give  the strong competition to Samsung and LG who are also working on the fold-able phone 

The video seems cool and but a lot of downside of the screen could be seen in the video when we pay more attention at the corner of the screen . But Xiaomi has in the past overcome the technical problem and has shown its competitiveness in the past from curve display mi note 2 to the bezel-less full screen mi mix.

Write your response and whether you are excited in the 2019 to see how smartphone companies are giving tough competition to each other and who win in the race of fold-able phone.

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