Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the work from home culture was restricted to entrepreneurs, novelist and other job personnel who don’t require a dedicated workspace or office. Now, the homeworking culture is the new normal. Employees from all kinds of sectors have been forced to work from the safety of their home. Working from the comfort home is something we always wanted. But now we are also getting introduced to the problems in the remote work.

The major struggles faced by most of the remote workers are described below:

Technical Issues

The use of technologies is getting higher in remote working. In this phase we also face many technical issues. Power cuts, internet issues, hardware problems, etc. arises interruption in our work. Sometimes it also causes misunderstandings, work delays making things more complicated. And the main issue is that it cannot be resolved at home as quickly as it’s done at our workspaces.

Working with Distractions

When you’re working from home, it’s obvious to get easily distracted. Your productivity may not be as it would be in your office. And the distractions get even more challenging when you’re not good at following a strict schedule. A workplace is properly organized to ensure the best results from the staffs or employees. A designated time to help you get on and off the work timely with breaks, guidance and assistance whenever you needed, everything is well scheduled with some sets of rules. But at home or any other place, it’s tough to maintain a proper schedule.

Feeling Lonely & Isolated

With no coworkers in your living room, socializing with your peers can be a challenge and make remote work pretty lonely. A lack of interaction with coworkers can also make team-building difficult. As a remote employee, working alone in my home office, I don’t have the luxury of creating a social life around my work friends. To combat this, I take a proactive approach to keep my social calendar as full as possible, work from a local cafe or spend my workday at a co-working space.

Increase in Misunderstandings

With coworkers or your team together, you always feel good to work. No matter what’s the situation works get completed easily and faster. But at the remote work set up, it’s never easier. You are alone and many times you feel isolated. Communication with coworkers or clients can easily be misunderstood. When other people don’t really think you are working can make you feel frustrated.

These are some common challenges faced by remote workers. Despite this work from home can be really rewarding and joyful. If you also face these struggles working from home you can take some steps to overcome the challenges.

Originally published on Embee Builders-Blog

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