With over 11,000 WordPress development themes available presently, WordPress has become a widely used content management platform that offers developers much flexibility in terms of customization. Right from multi-purpose themes to niche themes, you can find it all in the WordPress repository.

You can choose to integrate these themes all by yourself or you can invest in WordPress development services and design a feature-rich website. In any case, wondering whether to choose a WordPress free theme or paid theme for your website could be a confusing task.

If you too are puzzled which WordPress themes would be a better fit for your website, here consider these pointers.

WordPress Free Themes

Since it is free, most users are automatically attracted to using it. Few free themes are readily available in the WordPress repository and are also available in freemium versions if one needs to use the advanced features. Here, look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using free themes for WordPress development.

Pros –

  • Startups, blogging websites, and sites with common features can be most beneficial by using free WordPress themes. The site will be faster with fewer features in place.
  • If the free themes are officially registered in the WordPress directory, that shows they have surpassed multiple test levels and are safe to use.
  • Anyone can use the theme easily and these are usually compatible with common WordPress plugins.

Cons –

  • The unregistered free themes might harm your WordPress development process drastically because of security vulnerabilities, poor codes, etc.
  • Since these free WordPress themes are mostly multi-purpose or niche-related, you can see a huge number of businesses using the same theme as yours.
  • These have restricted features and in case you need to add further functionalities customization isn’t readily available.
  • The lack of support and regular updates are other disadvantages of free themes.
  • Because of these drawbacks, many businesses invest in WordPress theme development. It helps them create customized designs for their website and gives it a more interesting look.

WordPress Premium Themes

The premium themes can elevate your WordPress development experience significantly as they provide you with more customization options. Themeisle, Themeforest, Elegant themes, Meridian themes are a few renowned premium WordPress theme providers in the industry. Furthermore, look at the few benefits and drawbacks of using premium themes.

Pros –

  • You can be assured that the website’s design will be responsive and you can elevate your user experience.
  • Your website’s theme is sure to follow the normal WordPress development standards and is developed using the latest technology.
  • Premium WordPress themes are compatible with most plugins and hence you don’t have to worry about whether the theme will support a particular plugin or not.
  • Premium WordPress plugins allow you to customize various design aspects as per your need. You can add a particular layout or remove it, customize your blog order, etc. conveniently.

Cons –

  • If you aren’t attentive while choosing a WordPress premium theme, you may end up selecting a theme that is poorly coded even though the design looks intriguing.
  • Since theme developers tend to incorporate more features in a single theme so that everyone can find something of their use, the ones who don’t need such extensive features might get a much slower site. The unnecessary features and functions can bloat their site.
  • It is comparatively expensive and if you have a constricted budget, opting for a premium theme might not be the best idea.

Using free and premium themes both has its advantages and disadvantages. However, it is one of the benefits of WordPress CMS that it allows using free as well as premium themes. Now, it depends on your requirement and your budget to choose the best suitable option.

If you are creating a simple website for your business and have a low budget, going for a free WordPress theme might be a feasible option. In case you want to build a robust WordPress site with advanced features, premium themes might be a better option.

Businesses that want to create unique-looking websites with feature-rich functionality, also invest in WordPress theme development. It enables them to create intuitive themes from scratch.

Nevertheless, you need to compare these advantages and disadvantages together to find out the most feasible option for you. Once done, look for a suitable WordPress solution provider like Auxesis Infotech and get the necessary help. The company can help you apply free or premium WordPress themes or even help with WordPress theme development from scratch as you desire.

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