Web hosting is one of the most important factors that you should consider while starting a website.  It could be hard for you to find out the best hosting plan for you. 

You can start your website with any basic hosting plan with any renounced company. But there is a time when you must move to a new hosting plan. There are several signs that will make it clear when you should move to your new hosting plan. 

I will try to elaborate on this topic in this post-

How to Know When It’s Time to Migrate (6 Tell-Tale Signs)

When you start your website with any hosting provider, you may experience a smooth web hosting experience. Because in the beginning, any websites remain light. When the days go, and you start upgrading new things on your web hosting it becomes heavier, and the main problem begins here. 

Except for a heavy site, it’s the web hosting provider that is responsible for your bad hosting experience. Let’s find you six tell-tale signs that will force you to change your web hosting to a new hosting. 

  1.  Unusual Downtime

If your website is unavailable to your users, it’s considered downtime. Even downtime for a second can seriously harm your search ranking. 

Downtime makes a website unreliable and very harmful to the user experience. If your website ever experiences downtime, your audiences will feel irritating and they will stop visiting your site. 

If they start avoiding your site, you are going to lose tons of hot sales. Web hosting is the main reason for having downtime.  The downtime totally depends on the quality and reliability of your web hosting provider. 

That’s why a good hosting provider is very important for any website. If you are facing any unusual downtime, it’s high time to change your web hosting provider. 

2. Slow Site Speed 

Site speed is one of the most on-Page SEO optimization factors. The conversion rate totally depends on site speed. Ask me how? Google is giving more importance to websites that load faster. If Google finds your website important, obviously the site will rank higher. A higher ranking means higher traffic. Higher traffic means a high conversion rate. The traffic that drives directly from search engines is the true customer. If your website loads slow, this is high time to change your web hosting. 

3. Bad Customer Service 

If you are a beginner, you will need so many favors from your hosting provider. There is so many server related issue that can be hard to solve for any newbie. 

So, a good relationship with the customer and hosting provider is priceless. If your hosting provider not serving you well, you definitely should migrate to a new hosting provider. 

4. Lack of Enough Space 

Most of the websites start small and grow over time. Your current web hosting can a great fit for you when it was just the start. But when the traffic level starts increasing, the hosting can not be a good suit anymore. In that case, you will need web hosting that can handle this high traffic spike. 

5. Expensive Renewal Fees

When you have launched your website, the hosting price was very little and you were good with that. You have a website or blog but you didn’t earn that much to give high renewal fees yet. 

What can you do in that case?

In that case, you should change the web hosting to save your hosting renewal fees. 

6. Security Issues

Web hosting is responsible for any kinda security issues. If you are not using reliable web hosting, you are gonna lose your site. The hackers can exploit the weakness in your server to gain access to your site if you don’t go for a reliable web hosting provider. 

So, go for a web hosting provider that can ensure you a secure web hosting experience. Don’t compromise the quality for money. There are so many reliable and popular web hosting providers that offer to host free trials. You can grab any one of them and upgrade later if you are satisfied. 

Note: Do you wanna start a blog? Wanna know an estimated blogging cost? Check here, how much does it cost to start a self-hosted WordPress blog. 

I hope now you know when you should migrate your web hosting. 

Did I miss anything? 

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Thanks for investing your valuable time with me! 

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