Many of you have heard about  VPN and for those who are new to this term. VPN stands for virtual private network, and they are used to  let you browse the web anonymously.

So Why people use vpn and you should too.

Some use VPN to protect their privacy on the internet  and some to gain access to certain content. Well when i was in high school i use VPN to gain access to site which where block by school server.

Use VPNs For Privacy

VPN could be use to hide your browsing activity from public wifi network and also bypass the monitoring of your internet connection by your internet  service provider. In this way they won’t be able to track which website you are exploring.

Use VPNs to gain access to  Web content

If you want to gain access to content which are not accessable in your country. such as many chinese people use VPN to gain access to site like netflix. like in my college, site like facebook and instagram where blocked by their network so i use some VPN to gain access to it.

Use VPN to save money

Many online stores sites like amazon display different prices for the same thing depending on your location  and country you are browsing from. so you can use vpn server to change country location to find the best price offered by them.

use vpn to encrpyt your internet presence.

VPN help encrypt the data you exchange with  websites and servers you interact with. if you are not confidence of your privacy on the site you are using then use VPN .

With the rise of data breach people are concern of their privacy.

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Some of the popular VPN 

Well there are a lot of VPN service provider but before you choose one you should know the following point.

  • Avoid use of free VPN service provider as they may be helping you to protect your privacy from other site but itself keep log of your activity.
  • Choose VPN provider you trust.
  • Choose VPN which have large no of servers and are located all over the world.

 Some of the best VPN on the internet are

EXPRESS VPN– They have been  providing the service since 2009 and is relatively cheaper and best than other service provider. they have more than 100 server locations.

NORD VPN–  The company is located in panama and you get over 5,100+ servers in 50+ countries with upto 6 device connection at a time while other provide 4-5 .

There are many other VPN provider such as Hotspot Shield, pure vpn and many more. but here i just wanted to give the overview of the use of VPN  and then soon i will be writing on some of the best VPN providers in briefly.

Which VPNs have you used? and do recommend the story.

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