IT companies are investing in Python technologies and hiring Python professionals like never before. Most of the schools and universities have introduced Python as a programming language as part of their curriculum.

The question is why Python is so popular and everyone is talking about moving to Python. What is the fuss all about? Why Major tech giants investing in Python? So let’s discuss python for a while.

Python is just a programming language like C, C++, Java. Python is not something new, it is there for a long time.

Hmm! Are you confused? Why is Python so popular today? and why does everybody want to get into Python?

The reason being all the traditional technologies become more and more absolute or less used day by day where all the new technologies have been picked up and growing fast, which forces the companies to invest in the new technologies. Many of the people want to upskill themself in the new technologies. Fortunately, Python has been chosen as a preferred language or a default language in most of the new technologies.

While monitoring the trends of Python on the job market, Dubai. There were less than 200 job opportunities available per month back in 2014. Now the number is about to hit five figures. This clearly indicates over time python has evolved into a whole new level in case of job opportunities.

So let’s discuss some career opportunities that are available in Python some of which might be a good fit for you.

Python Developer

Everyone knows Python is a programming language and a lot of web and mobile applications, APIs are built on python. If you are a graduate looking for a career option or you want to upskill yourself as a Python developer from a different technology Python offers you a lot of opportunities ahead as a developer.

Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning Specialist

You want to become a developer, right! AI/ML is one of the top 10 jobs currently trending. Companies are investing millions in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Let’s look at the overall popularity of machine learning languages. Python leads the pack, with 57% of data scientists and machine learning developers using it and 33% prioritizing it for development. For the last few years, Python is out running all other programming languages in the case of ML/AI. Almost all algorithms are written in Python rather than other languages. These data imply that python is a widely chosen programming language. You want to take up a Machine learning course with Python and get a sense of current trends.

Data Scientists

A data scientist is one of the most paid jobs in the IT industry. You need both analytical, mathematical and programming skills to analyze and create insights from a data set. Traditionally R programming was used in data science which has almost replaced Python programming.

Test Automation

Are you a testing professional wanting to upskill yourself into the automation skills or your professional wanting to start your test career than going along with Python could be the best option. Traditionally Java ruled the automation testing. Today Python could be the best option. Python is the most refined language for a test or automation for example pythons with selenium could be one of the best options for software testing the APM with python could be the best option for the mobile industry.


In Robotic Process Automation either you can use tools like UIpath, blue prism or you can also build custom RPA using Python. Today Python is extensively used for robotic process automation. If you are targeting RPA jobs then going along with python could be the best options

IoT developer

IoT job requirements are increasing day by day for the last two years. If you look at the

Every country is now talking about implementing next-generation networking technologies. Once 5G being rolled out there is no limitation for IoT. everywhere there will be an IoT. We are talking about smart homes, smart cities, engineering industry, automobiles, etc. Today Python is the preferred choice for IoT development.

A base Python training in Dubai would help you achieve a good career in python

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