Recently, I had graduated from college with a business degree I always dreamed to become a freelancer or have a position suits me in the marketing field. Time passed and I grew more and more frustrated with stifling and boring life because of a lack of knowledge where I should begin in marketing. Every day, seeking a job opportunity that suits my skills I tried different area finance, accounting, etc. But nothing worked for me. The market requires skills I don’t have.

Until one day I decided to focus on what I dreamed of so I started educated myself through online courses so I took a step and found plenty of digital market courses, without hesitation I got on learning materials but it was more theoretical than practical I felt disappointed, because of that, I looked deeper and find out Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree program.

By doing some research about the program found the Udacity offers real market projects not just theory materials also, provides a reviewer and mentors do all their best to graduate with big knowledge from the course and provides a career guide for your Linkedin page, CV and cover letter. Finally, I decided to enroll in this Udacity Digital Marketing.

It is been two weeks since the course began and I have submitted two projects thank god I passed

Also, I will show you some reviewer advice that helps me a lot in improving  LinkedIn page

“I suggest you include at least the best 2 projects you have done in the Accomplishments section, detailing them with results, metrics, findings as much as you can. It can be from your job experience or even from your Nanodegree. Obviously, respecting the confidentiality (if it makes sense).”

And ever since that day, the amount of knowledge I have received it so helpful. I become more optimistic about my future and learned the right tools to be part of a digital marketing world.

By the end of the course, I’m confident I will achieve my dream and will be a great digital marketer.

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      Amazing, I just had a meeting with a guy who does digital marketing.
      It is incredible what you can do through digital marketing.
      Can you share some project which you learn through the digital marketing course.

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      Great step forward , I am also thinking of becoming a digital marketer.