So Being fascinated about blogging, I had a lot of experience in blogs. One day on Instagram I got a message from a scammer saying that he wants to sell me a course for the cheapest available price by which anyone can become an advanced blogger. With a lot of past experience, I asked him to show me his blog, so he sent me his blogger link but he was such a dumb guy that he sent me his blogger admin panel link but not the link of his blog. I cooled myself and asked him with Patience to send me his blog link by giving him instructions then he sent me the link of his dumb blog with 2 plagiarised posts.

These sort of people exist in a huge number online. Therefore I created a directory of scams and spams. It lets people know if the website/person/app is a scam. I have already launched its beta. If you want to be the first to know about the blog then make sure to subscribe here and share your opinions and stories.

What is Unmasp?

Unmasp by Shaheer Ahmed is a platform that will help to get rid of scammers and spammers, and also it will help to provide the information of the scammers and spammers.

This platform works on the directory, which is made for scams and spams and which lets you submit and read about who is scammers and spammers.

Unmasp aims to make the consumer aware of their capabilities by giving them the platform where they can report the injustice done to them by any service provider, company or individual.

We strive towards creating awareness of unfair, misleading, or obnoxious practices which many companies follow or perform for their personal benefit.

We arm the community with the information and tools that they can utilize and build stronger through sharing their own experiences or mistreatment.


My social media accounts drove crazily with scammers and spammers, this ultimately resulted in the creation of Unmasp

– Shaheer Ahmed

Be safe – Be secure – Be happy

Read smarter not harder See fewer ads ,write your own stories, have people reading it,recommend the story and get rewarded..