I want to share about the beauty of this site because just recently I realized something about this platform that I hadn’t previously. 

Before I get into that, let me list some of the major benefits to posting here and Why I Love Bucketbuff, and why it is the best blogging community:

  1. You can write posts here that look incredibly clean.
  2. You can follow, get followed by, and even make a close relationship by adding a fellow blogger as a friend.
  3. Zero noise as they don’t fill your email sending you stories and also you can get private advice.
  4. The powerful story recommendation system can make your story go viral.
  5. When you publish a story all your followers are notified about it via email.
  6. Stats which helps you to track the post views.
  7. Built-in audience.

Some would say you’re better off building your own blog or a website.

I agree with that. That’s a great approach, but it’s harder to grow as fast especially if you are new to blogging and  If you want people to read your stuff, you have to let them know you exist. So you write some guest posts on bigger blogs. Maybe you run ads on Facebook or Google or Instagram. Or maybe you join a group and share your posts. But most of us have limited funds and time.

Money is important, but there’s more.

Bucketbuff is a community of bloggers where what you write is totally own by you, you can delete it, revert it to draft, update it, do whatever you want it’s all yours. Bucketbuff offers readers the option to recommend a story. These features help writers build a community of readers and can make your story go viral.

For instance, you wrote a story and the person liked your story and recommend it, it instantly opens a door for your story to go viral because all of the follower and friend of that person can see which stories he or she has recommended and it is more likely that they will read that story too. And guess what if they recommend it too. it will trigger a chain reaction and the chances are your story could go viral.

Bucketbuff is not only for writers but readers too.

  • On Bucketbuff, you have a profile. social network type wall where you can express your thought. Sure, there are other bloggers like you, but if they’ll read one, they’ll read another. You’ve got a good shot of being found when you start interacting with others who think as you do.
  • You can bookmark stories to read later.
  • Share interesting links with people.

The beauty of this community is that great content gets a lot of exposure it needed.  As you grow your follower base, you can use that attention to invite people to your blog. Don’t miss that opportunity. In fact, make the most of it by providing something your readers crave.

  • Write some great posts that solve interesting problems.
  • Write about it, and post it on Bucketbuff.
  • Chances are, you’ll know in a few hours whether people care or whether they choose to ignore it.
  • All it costs you is time.

If it’s really good, your post could help you build your subscriber list. It might get you some clients. And it might put some serious money in your pocket.

Here are some of my suggestions.

Bucketbuff needs some sort of email newsletter so that users can read some best stories on the platform.

It should allow users compensation for their writing or they could allow users to get donations.

Recent improvements such as allowing users to embed newsletters from to grow to subscribe is good but they should allow another provider too.

A bit of improvement in their private message system which is a bit simple.

Did you find something interesting in this article? Click “recommend” and if you’d like to comment on what interests you about Bucketbuff then please do I would love to know.

Read smarter not harder See fewer ads ,write your own stories, have people reading it,recommend the story and get rewarded..