When you think about reading a novel, the first things that come to mind are paperback books and e-books. But there is another medium that most people have yet to discover—web novels! These are light novels, which are easier to read with short paragraphs and simple vocabulary, and are found on online libraries, like MTL Novel.

Humans have always been engrossed in the idea of fantasy, dreams, and making them come into reality. That is why many people are so passionate about reading. This lets them dive into another dimension where everything is not always what it seems.

You simply cannot know whether everything works out for the better or not. But surely, it must come to an end. Stories have a sense of security and uncertainty at the same time. It lets you expect the unexpected while giving you clues along the way. Simply put, its paradoxical nature is what keeps people so engaged. That is literally why you cannot put a book down once you have started reading.

However, people are reading less these days. One reason could be the increase in economic activities, hence the increase in employment. People spend most of their days at work. Even when they get home, they tend to continue some work they did not finish at the office. Or, they attend to more personal responsibilities.

What are light novels?

Traditional novels can take days or weeks to digest, depending on how fast you can read. It also depends on how much time you can dedicate to the activity. That is why many people are losing interest in picking up a book to pass some time.

For that reason, authors have migrated their works online. Also, some developers created web-based platforms that let people publish their novels for free readership. Hence, the emergence of a modern storytelling alternative—light web novels.

Light novels are creative written works usually published online. It is composed of short sentences, small blocks of texts, and an easy-to-follow storyline in fantasy, action, and romance genres. It is most popular in East Asian countries, like China, Korea, and Japan, where the trend has taken off.

These novels do not have typical 150,000 words components and slow-burn plots. Instead, the stories are mostly straightforward and action-packed. This then allows readers to turn pages faster, hence being the perfect way to indulge in written content and convince them to read more.

Where to read updated MTL light novels

The problem with light novels is that they are written mostly in the Oriental language. Only a few original English web novels are available since the genre is not popular in the Western world. Hence, unless you can understand Chinese, you cannot really enjoy light novels in its raw form.

However, that should not stop you from reading these excellent written works. There are countless websites that provide translations of the most popular light novels online. These websites have varying translation options. Most of them use manual or human skills to translate raw light novels into English.

If you can wait for days or weeks for translated works, you can always find independent blogs that upload English versions of raw web novels. On the other hand, if you want to quickly finish a book in a day or two without waiting for updated translations, you can go to MTL Novel.

MTL Novel is a free online library of MTL light novels that are translated using machine translation or MTL. Because of their conversion system, they have the most updated MTL light novel selections. Their completed and ongoing series is available in four different languages: English, Indonesian, Spanish, and French.

When you use MTL Novel to read raw light novels, you can guarantee that you can finish a single series in one sitting. This is because you do not have to wait for daily translations updates. In which everything is already available for reader consumption.

Why MTL is better than human translation

The very reason why light novels are popular is that they are most suitable for light reading. The people who are interested in these kinds of written works are those who cannot be bothered to read for long hours. They are looking for convenient ways to entertain themselves through reading.

That is why MTL or machine translation is better than its personal counterpart. MTL technically offers more practicality and immediate conversion of text. Therefore, readers can quickly gain access to works that are understandable in their native language.

Although, of course, using human translation still offers more personal and empathetic text conversions as people can interpret emotions as well. But since light novels have a straightforward storytelling approach, it can do without emotional interpretations. This is because the context can stand alone in itself. That is also why MTL or machine translation solutions offered by MTL Novel is the best option for light novels.

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