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Many of us are quit care free when it comes to our privacy especially when it is considered on the internet. many say what could hacker do with my data i don’t have any secrets which will affect me?. they don’t know what do hacker really do with their data. what people don’t know is that data is the new gold. that’s why you must have witness increase in data breach even from the big companies like google and Facebook.

The data from Facebook and google are even more valuable because you genuinely provided that data. data such as your hometown, your billing information, your check-ins.

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That’s why hacker are more after those data which are genuine and are worth something to them. In this way they know more about you so they could be help-full for them to attack you in the near future.

They sell your data to the company you are interested in so the company could have a better deal. the deals in which company is offering lesser discount to you because they know your purchasing power and your interest in the company’s product.

Those data could be use to spam you which is based on your search history. email such as “hey your insurance has been approved”, hey you get an 10% exclusive discount on the credit cards and many other. and you will see that most of those email will led to some of the spammy site. they could even send you mails from sender name of the company you are connected with.

For example you applied for the loans from the banks called xyz bank . They may send you emails pretending xyzbank saying your loans has been approved to complete the process fill your account details below. if you fill the details your data is compromised. the best way to protect from those type of emails is that you first check the sender emails address and you will see the address look like spam. and also most of the genuine company don’t ask this type of data to fill on emails. and you should never fill this type of data online unless it is necessary.

They could use the data to get in through other site if you use same password for the other. sometime they even ask for the ransom if they find something which they could use to harass you.

most of time hacker try to break on those site which have any type of  transaction system. they do so to steal the card no and account details. even the most secured paypal was hacked in 2015 where more than thousand of account was hacked.

That’s why tech companies are constantly trying there best to protect your data with help of machine learning and AI. With the increase in the internet user there is also in the rise of the hacking attack. Although the tech companies try there best to keep your data safe but it also or duty to prevent it from being hacked.

How we can prevent from being hacked

  • We should not keep password which are really easy to guess or it is some combination of your name.
  • We should not use same password for all the site because if one is hacked others are also affected.
  • We should use two factor authentication were ever necessary.
  • Never put your debit card or account details on the internet were your not sure of the site authenticity.
  • Avoid clicking spam links or responding to unknown emails.
  • Never save your password on your computer if saved use pass-code for that computer.

we should never encourage those type of activity and should report of it. And always respect the privacy of others.

many of you have seen getting those type of emails and might have experience fraud on the internet. please write our response.

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