When it was announced that more than 45 million facebook account has been hacked at the end of September. It was claim to be the biggest data breach ever in the facebook history. It not only affected 45 million facebook accounts but also those which were connected with it .That make me feel that what can they do with that data or what damage they can do to us.

As facebook was already on fire for not protecting its user private information it was another setback for them the hacker pulled a lot of information phone numbers,date of birth ,religion,hometown,relationship status . even the latest check in location or even the recent searches.

The facebook have over the pass couple of years seen a lot of controversies you can get know more about it here timeline of facebook controversies .

But the real question arises that what could hacker do with my data and why its so valuable to them?.

“Having detailed,and large amount of data and special if it is from facebook makes it more valuable because the data there is genuine because you literally supplied that sort of information .for example you went to the grocery store and you check in with the facebook then spammer can use your data to run targeted spam or email you showing ads from that grocery store goods you are interested in.making there spamming campaigns more profitable. 

How valuable is your facebook data ?

Why facebook data is pretty priceless because the data there is not going to change quickly your personal information , and what you likes and dislikes and other. There is half of your life in there . It’s not something like your bank account no. or your debit card which you can change quickly. the data there are something which is going to remain for years.

They could use your data to monetize it with spamming you with emails and sms continuously over the years. Emails which are so compelling that you are likely to click as they already know a lot about you . 

How you data could be used by hacker

For example you share an status with your friend about your last vacation in dubai earlier in the facebook. The attacker could spam you with sms or email with the best offer or trip to dubai which could be continuous for a month, or they could sell you data with third party about your interest who may call you or sms you about the best deals.

They could use your data in lot of different ways as they have detailed information about you. they can send you phishing emails which will look like your business email referring your upcoming event to gain credibility to make you do some fraud payment or they can run a massive advertising campaign with junk email and sms.

They can even send you an email threatening or blackmailing you. with the private messages to release compromising photos of you, they also potentially know where you are from , to whom you’ve worked with.

All of the above could be priceless for spammers or marketer.

Till now, Facebook haven’t publicly refer who was behind the attack. although “The FBI is actively investigating the breach and that’s why they are not discussing who may be behind this attack.”

We hope facebook should take more measure to secure there platform. So that our valuable data don’t goes into the bad hands although they do a lot the protect our data but nothing is 100% secure in the internet world it is also our duty to refrain from putting our personal data on the internet more often.

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