Menstruation is a part of women’s monthly cycle which lasts up to a minimum of 35 years. Maintaining personal hygiene is a necessary aspect for one’s health which becomes even more important when one is in chums. Sanitary products are counted as one of the top essential products for female hygiene.

In the past few years, sanitary products like tampons and organic or chemical-free sanitary pads have created a hype in the market and caught the attention. The material you wear throughout the day is in contact with your sensitive vaginal skin which needs attention to protect your skin from any irritation and allergies.

Organic pads are free from synthetic fibers, chemicals, bleaches, perfumes & toxic substances that are harsh and abrasive on sensitive vaginal skin that leads to irritation and allergies.

Organic panty liners and sanitary napkins are made with layers that allow your skin to breathe and provide proper air circulation that resolves the need for added fragrances or perfumes. Regular usage of synthetic liners and sanitary napkins increases the risk of yeast infections and cervical cancer. Organic rash-free sanitary pads are completely free from pesticides and herbicides that remains soft and comfortable on the skin and prevents further allergies and infections. The discomforts caused during periods are dealt with

Spending an extra penny on chemical-free sanitary pads are much more worthy as it comes with enormous health and environmental benefits. The biodegradable nature of chemical-free sanitary pads and its supple tenderness on skin has made it the first choice amongst womenfolks.

Nowadays, a large number of brands offer organic rash-free sanitary pads that are eco-friendly and safe and secure on your skin. There are multiple benefits of chemical-free sanitary pads right from preventing leakage and absorption to eco-friendly benefits. If you are planning to switch from nonorganic sanitary napkins to organic ones, we have shared the most popular and best options of chemical-free sanitary pads brands available in India.


Norra is a product by women and for women, that dignify women of all ages. Norra is one of the top serving brands in India that offer organic sanitary napkins that are friendly on the skin, thus preventing allergies and rashes. Norra offers your body the best it deserves. Sanitary products offered by Norra are soft, comfortable and safe on your skin. Norra rash-free sanitary pads maintain the ph level that prevents any kind of diseases and is gentle and super comfy on the sensitive vaginal skin. It is 100% organic and its biodegradable nature resolves the environmental concern while making disposal of sanitary waste hassle-free.

Norra makes 100% biodegradable sanitary products by using organic cotton, corn starch, virgin pulp and bamboo as raw material instead of plastic, synthetic fibers and chemicals. Organic sanitary napkins by Norra consists of breathable layers that ensure air circulation thereby escalating the need for any added fragrances or perfumes. ADL sheets used in Norra sanitary napkins ensure even distribution without any clotting and prevents leakage whereas channel embossments facilitate bending and body movements. Norra cares about you and femininity.


Carmesi found by Tanvi Johari offers eco-friendly and organic chemical-free sanitary pads.

Sanitary napkins offered by Carmesi are 100% organic and biodegradable as they use plant-based raw materials instead of synthetic fibers in the manufacturing of sanitary napkins. It prevents sensitive skin from any rashes and skin allergies thus being soft and comfortable on the skin.

Heyday Sanitary Napkins

‎Heyday sanitary napkins are 100% organic, eco-friendly and free from chemicals. Sanitary napkins offered by Heyday are free from chemicals and toxins. It is made from plant-based fibers such as corn and bamboo instead of petroleum plastic fibers that protect the skin from irritation, allergies & vaginal diseases. Heyday is one of the leading manufacturers of organic and rash-free sanitary pads in India. It offers sanitary pads that are free from any chlorine bleaches, fragrances, artificial dyes, synthetic fibers & toxic substances that are safe and secure on skin. The top layer of the pad ensures breathability by providing proper air circulation and prevents leakage. One can select from various variants available in the market suiting your requirement.

Saathi Pads

Saathi Pads was founded by Kristin Kagetsu, Tarun Bothra, Amrita Saigal, and Grace Kane. Saathi pads offer sanitary napkins that are supple and soft on your skin. Compostable sanitary napkins by Saathi are made from natural banana fibers because of their prominent feature of high absorption. It prevents leakage and wetness. The irritation on the sensitive skin or emergence of rashes during periods are caused due to sanitary napkins that are made of synthetic or plastic fibers. Saathi pads offer sanitary napkins that are 100% herbal and does not contain any chemicals that lead to rashes and skin allergies. Not only comfortable on the skin but its biodegradable nature makes it eco-friendly too as disposal of Saathi pads biodegrades within 6 months.

Eco Femme

Eco femme offers cloth pads that are made from 100% cotton and are a perfect fit for maintaining hygiene during menstruation. If you are looking for a cost-effective, biodegradable, rash-free sanitary pads eco femme can be the right choice for you. Apart from offering chemical-free sanitary pads, it educates women on menstrual hygiene and health and offers opportunities for dignified livelihood for women who stitches pads. Sanitary napkins offered by Eco Femme are 100% organic and biodegradable. It prevents sensitive skin from any rashes and environment from getting polluted.


Pinepad offers biodegradable, eco-friendly and maternity sanitary napkins that are comfortable on the skin. It does not consist of any synthetic fibers that are harsh on the sensitive skin. Pinepad sanitary napkins are manufactured using natural raw material such as pine tree wood pulp which prevents irritation and skin allergies. As pinewood pulp is cool in nature it gives a soothing and calming effect thereby preventing any itching or rashes. Pinepad is highly absorbent that prevents leakage and wetness thus keeping you dry throughout. Disposal of Pinepad sanitary napkins does not have any harmful effect on the environment as it degrades itself within a few months. Looking for healthy hygiene during the menstruation cycle? Pinepad can be your organic substitute that is soothing for your sensitive skin.

We have shared some of the most popular organic sanitary napkin brands in India, that are free from chemicals and is 100% biodegradable in nature. Time is running out, consider your options to switch from non-organic to organic!!

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