Have you ever wondered what those numbers under your windshield meant? Read more to find out about them.

Your car is one of its styles for you. Regardless of the thousands of vehicles identical to your car on the roads, your car is still special to you. How can you allocate your vehicles in a challenging situation in an environment where there are many other cars of a similar shape and color to your car?

In such a scenario, you would usually just glance at your car’s license plate. Imagine your vehicle is robbed, and police will discover a car that suits your vehicle’s MO. The thugs presumably got rid of the license plate, unfortunately. Where do you know your car is?

Just like we have our government-issued IDs cars also have a unique way of identification. An identification number is given for each car you see on the road, unique to each vehicle. This 17-digit number is the registration number of the VIN number car.

What is a VIN number?

A 17-digit bolted number is referred to as a VIN number or embossed on some vehicle locations. This number gives the car special and legal identification. There will never be two VIN numbers, with any vehicle in the world rolling off the plant line coming with a VIN number on the car since 1981.

This 17 digit code is not just a random sequence of characters that have been assembled for one purpose. Every character in a specific role offers a lot of details about the specific vehicle in hand.

What is the VIN’s significance?

All 17 characters of the VIN numbers include details such as the country of fabrication of the car, year of production, vehicle model, type of engine, etc.

In several cases, this detail is useful:

Each VIN number is special so that the government can trace your car if you have to:

  • You will verify the car’s authenticity when purchasing a vehicle using the VIN number in the car database.
  • The originality of the vehicle can be tested by matches the VIN.
  • It is a primary insurance appraisal of the car.
  • Make sure of the car’s model year.

In general, a VIN number is an identification proof for every vehicle and a norm that all manufactures worldwide obey.

What’s the VIN number on my vehicle?

VIN number for automobiles and cars

VIN number on car are usually found on the drivers’ side door pillars for cars and recreational vehicles, on the front side of the dashboard looking through the window, and under the hood on the side of the engine bay.

VIN number for motorcycles

Motorcycles typically have the VIN number check on the steering neck or the motorcycle engine.

VIN number for scooters

You can find the VIN number check on scooters in the glove box or seat bucket near the middle stand, below the bumper, or on the framework.

VIN number breakdown

From location one to seventeen, all the VIN number characters have a special kind of knowledge devoted to all vehicles and manufacturers that are mainly normal. Let’s figure out which unique number says what and how precisely you can decipher it.

First character

The VIN number’s first character tells you the country the car is built in. It may either be an integer, a few alphabets, or both. Any vehicle constructed in India, for instance, has the VIN number starting from MA-ME, MZ, and starts at 9A-9E in South America, such as Brazil.

The first three characters

The combination of the first three characters in the VIN number breakdown is typically called the WMI or worldwide manufacturer identity to describe the car manufacturer. In some cases, only the maker indicates the third character, and in some cases, the third character indicates the vehicle type (car, bus, or truck). The three first letters also address the division of the carmaker.

Fourth to ninth characters

This portion of the VIN number on the car is the overview section of the vehicle (VDS). All of the characters in this section include details such as a car, base, shape, type of body, and type of motor. For different details in this section, most of the fabricators chose different positions. The eight positions are, however, widely used to indicate the type of engine.

The ninth character may be the protection code or the month the manufacturer built the vehicle in some circumstances.

Tenth character

The tenth character is primarily the production year for the car. It is labeled with an alphabet allocated after 1981 for each specific year.

Eleventh character

Take a look at the 11th character if you want to know more about the vehicle’s year of development. The factory where the company made the car is also listed.

Twelveth to seventeenth characters

For the vehicle-unique serial number, the last six locations on the VIN number check are reserved. This is the second essential aspect of vehicle recognition.

VIN number is the most relevant code in your car, and it is the personal identification of your car. Go into your car and find the VIN number, try to decipher. And to help you learn more about the VIN number of your vehicle check out Their VIN number breakdown system will reveal to you the information about your vehicle using the vehicle’s VIN number!

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