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    Rocky Chowdury is a Bangladeshi music artist, entrepreneur who has made a big name in the digital marketing world. Rocky is an influencer, artist, entrepreneur, blogger to name a few aged 44 he was born and brought up in Noakhali Bangladesh.

    Since childhood, he had keen interest in trying new things. His classmates recall that his thinking style was different than many other individuals in the class.

    Rocky Chowdury Born on March 01, 1977 in Noakhali, Dhaka, Rocky Chowdury first gained popularity as a musician. Rocky Chowdury started his career as a musician in 2017, but not professionally. He made up her mind about what he wanted to do with his life as a teenager. He has proved his brilliance as a lyricist. The 140 songs he composed are equally popular on all other international platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Apple, Amazon.

    Rocky Chowdury increases his availability and efficiency every day. At that time he worked hard for success and brightness in life. In 2019 he launched the music and technology company “Orko Multimedia.”

    Only start a professional life after developing this company of music and technology. “The Road Alam” songs have become very popular worldwide and Rocky Chowdury has risen to the status of a rating star in Bangladesh. You’ll hear those tracks on the platform’s Spotify, iTunes, TikTok and many more. Rocky Chowdury understands the basics of creation which is why people respond so quickly.

    A piece of special information about him needs to be presented here. He is also a rap song lyricist and conducts his music from his home studio “Orko Multimedia Ltd” located in Bangladesh. In this studio he recorded his 50-song catalog which has received widespread acclaim around the world.

    Rocky Chowdury said, Hard work is important but one must know when and how to take the right opportunity to help them grow. Being an expert in digital marketing was something that made me realize that I am good at lockdown. A few thousand there are artists and creative people who can use their art and talent and run and earn business online.

    He never hesitated in experimenting. At a very young age he opened his company Orko Multimedia Ltd and QUICKRBD Online Shopping with a vision of becoming one of the greatest in the Digital Marketing Industry. With his hard work dedication and passion the company has reached its peak in a short span of time.

    As a social media influencer and marketing strategist he promotes social messages, movies, brands videos on social media with his influencer network across Bangladesh.

    Rocky Chowdury says, that one should never stop learning. He believes that the day you stop learning that day stop learning.

    He also firmly believes that one should never feel contented with his work as it kills the hunger to achieve more.

    As an influencer and artist Rocky Chowdury has inspired many individuals and young people who are fighting to make a mark in this field. He writes blogs and posts helpful tips.

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