Twitter is changing and is completely redesigning the platform. It is going to change how people interact on their platform.

They will be introducing new design and features like status update which we see similar to the facebook. The new design will be for tweet replies, and indicator like when someone is online  or offline with also the typing indicator. which will make it easier to follow conversations. 

Changes in replies

The twitter will introduce algorithm replies similar to that of its timeline .They may order the most relevant tweet to you like those from your Twitter friends to moved to the top.

twitter status update and replies
how twitter replies looks

Its seem that it getting more similar to the facebook but the limit of 280 character is still there.

It looks like the company is trying to make conversations easier for people to follow. Now, it is a bit struggle to follow long threads with many different replies because replies are not nested. And also it make some difficult to know who is talking to whom.they are also introducing color pattern to the conversation.

According to the sources twitter is removing heart and engagement button from the replies and any other icons such as retweet and it will rather appear when we click on it.

How to test the beta release

To test the feature user have to take part in the beta program once they are accepted they would be able to download the app separately and could test it.

It would be the best way the company is taking to test the new feature before it is launch for public.

Also twitter has made a lot of changes in policies to avoid abuse and to make conversation better.

Let see how people react to this changes although they are first introducing for test for some user. Also write your comment down below on whether its a good move by the twitter or not.

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