Once you join our Cebu and Davao singles tours, one of the major activities in store for you is an island-hopping excursion. This is a few days after the two-night social events and is more intimate because the only women present are the ones personally invited by you and the other men who joined you on the tour. It also gives you the perfect excuse to explore the beauty of Cebu and Davao.

Island hopping is one of the best ways to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Philippines. But like any trip, you better pack the essentials. It’s usually humid in the Philippines, so make sure to bring a bottle of sunblock. For your first island hopping experience, here are some other essential travel tips:

Bring water and snacks.

The journey from one island to the next can take quite a while and you never know how soon you’ll arrive at your next stop. So while traveling, better stay hydrated by bringing your own bottle/s of water. The same goes for snacks. Swimming, diving, and just traveling, in general, can be draining. So if you bring a couple of snacks, you might remain energized throughout the entire trip.

Bring extra clothes and a towel.

Even if the day is sunny, the winds and the current might give you chills. So having extra clothes and towel can keep you warm while traveling from one island to the next. If a towel is too bulky, then a loose shirt will do.

Bring medication.

Do you have motion sickness? Or do you have sensitive skin? If so, make sure to pack a first aid kit just in case you get injured or don’t feel well. You can also use your medical supplies to help fellow clients and any of the foreign ladies if they don’t feel well too. The point is that you never know what happens during the trip. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Bring water-proof tools.

Aside from wearing swimming trunks or shorts, you can also wear a rash guard to protect your upper body from sunburn. You should also wear beach shoes instead of flip flops so that you can safely and conveniently tread any rugged terrain. And if you want to bring your phone, enclose it in a water-proof case.

Bring glasses and a hat.

A little extra protection doesn’t hurt. Even if you’ve applied sunblock, wearing shades and a hat can prevent sunburn from getting worse. A baseball cap or a fedora would do. During sunny days, it can get really humid in the Philippines, so you’d have to find ways to shade yourself from the sun’s rays (even more so when you’re out on a boat with limited cover).

Before you hop on that boat, make sure you bring these essentials so you stay cool and covered throughout the entire experience. These travel tips and tricks are also useful when you are simply exploring the city. With these items, you can focus on getting to know your date and possibly find love because you wouldn’t be worried about getting sunburnt. That way you can focus more on finding a foreign girlfriend.

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