Recently, restrictions have been imposed on public gatherings due to the global pandemic, resulting in cancellations of events worldwide. With the change in scenarios, the demand for virtual trade shows and virtual expos has spiked up suddenly. In the past few months, the percentage of virtual trade shows has been increased constantly. The percentage is notching up with each passing day. Today, the internet is flooded with a variety of virtual trade show platforms that offer comprehensive solutions to deliver immersive experiences to virtual attendees. Live physical events hold their own value and are an integral part of a robust program strategy, but virtual events have closely replicated the same with increased reach, attendance, engagement, and wide exposure.

You all must have come across the term trade shows in the past and some of you might be the part of physical trade shows. But, you must be thinking what are virtual trade shows or virtual expos? Well, here is your answer: A virtual trade show or a virtual expo is an online event that is organized on a virtual trade show platform over the web. It allows exhibitors and sponsors to showcase their offerings the same way as physical trade shows. With virtual trade shows exhibitors or sponsors set up their customizable virtual booths with the help of an event platform service provider.

The attendees can connect and interact with virtual booth representatives in real-time via live audio and video chats. During a virtual trade show, exhibitors are enabled to organize a webinar. They share their sales pitch with virtual attendees of an event through a webinar at their trade show.

Virtual trade shows have many perks to offer that are far beyond the reach of live physical trade shows. The right planning and strategy are a must to ensure the success of your virtual trade show. In this post, we have shared the top 8 ways to improve your virtual trade show and strategy for definitive success. Let’s get started!

Top 8 demonstrated ways to improve virtual trade shows

We have enumerated the top 8 ways to improve the virtual trade show strategy for your upcoming event. Have a look:

1. Build networking & engagement opportunities

Integrate networking opportunities in your virtual trade shows to keep your attendees engaged with the event. Physical trade shows and virtual trade shows work in a different environment and attendees get engaged differently. In physical trade shows people converse with strangers and may even end up meeting friends. But with virtual trade shows or virtual expos, people are not on the physical ground where they meet people freely. An organizer needs to build and integrate networking opportunities for virtual attendees to connect with other attendees in real-time. Enable your attendees to have live audio, video, text chats, share stories, feedback, in real-time during the event. Apart from it, host Q&A sessions to gain audience insight and allow them to network seamlessly. Organizing live polls, surveys, breakout rooms, etc. are some other ways to integrate networking during a virtual trade show.

2. Start on Time

Starting your virtual trade show on time is a must to ensure success. People are likely to get impatient if events do not start on time. They will try refreshing the page, again and again, thinking of a technical error resulting in creating trouble for your virtual event provider. Furthermore, it may even result in causing unforeseen strains on servers creating major problems ahead. If you do not start the event on time apart from refreshing, people will either leave the event. If you are late, attendees may go offline as soon as they tuned-in. With in-person events, attendees might not mind waiting for some time for the speakers as they are surrounded by other attendees. But with virtual events, the scenario is completely opposite and people tend to leave the event if they have to wait.

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