With the twists and turns of the events, we have completely entered in the digital era where “Go Digital” is the latest buzz. Gone are the days when traditional methods of marketing serve the purpose of any brand or business. A rapid increase in the advancement of technology has completely changed the ways of marketing, conducting meetings and seminars.

All digital marketers, as well as business organizations, are using the power of video content that has the vigor to captivate the whole world at a time, thereby expanding the reach. Virtual meetings, conferences, seminars, brand promotions, product launches, brand events and so on all are benefiting with the broadcast solutions. A secure live streaming event app with the most cromlech technology that helps in increasing the touchpoints, is the first priority of all business hubs as well as brands.

If you are not implementing live event broadcasting for your event, you are definitely missing out on a lot of potential audiences, which is impossible to reach through in-person events. The potency of live video streaming has captivated nearly every other meeting and brand event.

Want your brand event to bolster and reach a wide array of audiences without any geographical constraint? Live event broadcasting serves the purpose. Broadcast services are used by a wide array of digital marketers and have become an integral part of marketing dynamics that can make any brand notch high within a shorter time frame.

Not only brands, but big or small businesses are also leveraging the power of live event broadcasting, as conducting town hall meetings or having a business meeting with the delicates around the world has been just a click away. The market is full of broadcast service providers that offer professional broadcast services thereby delivering the HD quality content without any buffering.

Live event streaming engages audiences interactively by answering their most valuable counterparts and builds a sense of trust among masses, which later results in building customer brand relationships. Live video content that flashes on the screen has made people obsessed with its effectiveness, approach and reach. Every other day people wait for their favorite brand to “Go Live”.

The internet is full of various social media platforms that offer broadcast solutions or broadcast services, which can help any brand or business to stay ahead in the digital race. The ongoing battle between the various social live streaming event apps is unavoidable. It has completely taken over the traditional forms of marketing. The immense popularity of social media live streaming event apps around the globe, helps in getting millions of clicks and views when you plan to webcast. Its advanced database & algorithms allow brands and businesses to broadcast live video streaming via smartphones.

What are you waiting for? If you have not yet switched to broadcast live video streaming, now is the time to roll on & take advantage of the digital technology and flow like waves through live streaming. In this article, we will share the top 6 secure live streaming event apps that help you to grow your event audience without any geographical constraints.

Here are our top 6 picks:

Facebook Live

Facebook is the king of social media platforms with millions of active users around the globe. People of every age, whether someone is in their teens or newly turned grandparents all are easily found on Facebook. Why not use Facebook to leverage your brand event and take advantage of its most prominent secure live streaming features.

Facebook live video streaming solutions is one of the best ways to reach your potential audience around the globe without having to face the barrier of geographical constraints. With the help of a Facebook webcasting provider, Facebook Live works seamlessly without causing any trouble to first time users.

Facebook live video streaming solutions allow you to reach and engage an ample number of audiences interactively throughout the event by enabling real-time comments. The broadcaster can pick the selected questions asked by the audience during the event and answer some of them amidst the broadcast. It not only increases the value of the webcast event but helps in building audience trust as well where they get the opportunity to directly interact with the brand.

In the past few years, Facebook has made its place in the top 6 secure live streaming event apps which have hosted an ample number of brand and business events. Facebook webcasting provider has enabled the feature which allows brands to share Facebook streams directly to the brand website, thereby resulting in increased website traffic. It allows the audience to catch the highlights of the live stream who missed it.

Streaming live on Facebook is not as tough as you thought, you can simply go live via smartphone or laptop and by clicking the “Go Live” button you’ll be streaming live in no time. As soon as you start the live webcast on Facebook live, a notification is sent to your followers evoking them to tune in without any barrier.

Facebook live is the top-rated live streaming event app that helps in webcasting brand events, product launches, organizing Q & A sessions, organizing polls to know the audience feedback, brand promotions, organizing flash sales and so on for 90 minutes. The most effective form of online promotions that has completely taken over the traditional forms of advertising and marketing a product.


Sports are loved by all around the world as it hooks and evokes a sense of fun. Twitch is a popular and secure live streaming event app that is used for live event broadcasting of sports events. Twitch helps in broadcasting video games and allows the audience to tune in to play and access their favorite shot. Apart from video games webcasting, Twitch is quite effective in live event broadcasting of Esports events. It has its audience base that has a zeal and passion for sports and who use twitch daily, thereby moving towards making Twitch the most powerful and secure live streaming event app in the game department. It is one of the best apps for gaming events with enabled real-time commenting. Get ready to showcase your gaming skills in front of the world with Twitch. If you want to use broadcasting solutions for your sports event, Twitch is the best live streaming event app.

Youtube Live

When the talk goes around top live-streaming apps to grow the event audience, youtube can’t be missed. Youtube is well known for catching videos for a very long time and is a known name to all. As live streaming and broadcasting solutions have seen a rapid rise, youtube worked on its algorithms and started offering youtube video streaming solutions that allow any brand or business to stream live and reach millions around the globe.

Youtube live streaming service providers have worked on its algorithms and made it user- friendly which allows brands and businesses to stream live effortlessly. Not only brands, but businesses are also even considering youtube live as their priority while broadcasting events.

Youtube live is one of the most secure event live streaming platforms in the world that allows broadcasters to restrict the locations if they want. Keeping business information confidential is the major concern of many businesses, YouTube live allows businesses to send invites to the people whom they wish to join the webcasts and keep the live stream private.

When a brand wants to webcast live events, keeping settings to the public will be of much help as it helps in increasing brand reach by allowing users from around the world to tune in live at the time of webcast.

Youtube live streaming service provider has enabled the option of live chatting and real-time commenting during youtube webcasts which allows the audience to interact directly with the brand. The broadcaster pins the most loved comments by the audience which acts as influencers. It not only helps in expanding reach thereby resulting in attracting more audiences who were earlier not the part of the brand family.

In terms of functionality and SEO rankings, Youtube Live wins the race leaving facebook live behind. Youtube shows effective results in terms of searchability and SEO rankings.

If you are planning to use a youtube video streaming solution to broadcast your next event, you need to have a verified account and youtube channel with at least 100 subscribers or more. You can stream live on youtube for a larger time frame when compared to Facebook. Youtube live video streaming is perfect for webcasting college events, university lectures, convocations, seminars and so on.


Ustream is another live streaming event app that is creating ripples. It has been the favorite live streaming app amongst the ever-growing live streaming tech-savvy crowd. Ustream allows users to interact on live interactive broadcast platforms. Ustream is a powerful live-streaming app that streams millions of live video events every month. It offers brilliant options that help in editing the footage.

Periscope Live

Have you ever thought about how live streaming hailed? Periscope is the pioneer of introducing live streaming, which was later adopted by other social media and live-streaming apps. How can we miss Periscope in the top 6 rail of live streaming event apps?

Periscope introduced live stream on Periscope Live way back in 2014 which was later owned by twitter in 2015. As everyone is well aware of the fact that periscope is well integrated with twitter, thereby allowing twitter followers of the business or brand to catch the Periscope live streams. In no time live stream on Periscope Live has gained immense popularity and became the most powerful tool for marketing. Periscope is used by a large number of event organizers to webcast live events and has become a mobile-friendly option used by event organizers daily.

Periscope live streaming service provider ensures a seamless experience to virtual audiences and enables real-time commenting during live webcasts. As soon as a brand live stream on Periscope Live notification is sent to twitter followers as well thereby expanding brand reach with a more niche audience base. Periscope Live has a map feature, allowing viewers to access the videos that are being broadcasted in other regions.

Whether you wanna broadcast brand events, product demos or share behind the scenes, periscope live is a reckoned choice for many business hubs and premium brands.

Instagram Live

Instagram is the fastest growing social media app that has millions of active users worldwide. It is the other home for Gen Z. The enormous presence of gen-next on Instagram has made it the most popular app among them.

With the ongoing trend of live streaming services, Instagram has started offering live broadcast services for Instagram that helps any brand or business who focusses on gen zee to leverage within no time. Social media influencers are using Instagram live to increase their fanbase and reach millions of followers around the world. If your brand is aimed towards a young generation, Instagram live is one of the best live streaming event apps that is sure to increase your presence and boost growth. Instagram allows the audience to tune in at the time of the event webcast and interact with the brand in real-time. The Instagram live streaming service provider ensures live comments, likes & messages are enabled at the time of live webcast. The event broadcaster can pin the most loved comments at the top and answer the most valuable questions during the webcast, thereby leaving the audience delighted.

Instagram live streaming service provider allows adding multiple people to a single live stream and share it on other social media channels as well, thereby boosting the event reach.

Final Word

Live event broadcasting is the latest trend that every brand or business must opt for to grow exponentially well. Selecting the best live streaming app to grow your event audience entirely depends on your business needs and potential audience base. It’s your time to choose the app for your next live event webcast and get your potential audience hooked with the world of streaming events.

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