Mobile applications are more than just tools of the market and their use goes beyond marketing methods. For companies, the cost of developing applications may be essential to ensure long-term profitability, not only by offering competitive advantages but also by increasing customer loyalty, existing and potential.

Apart from this, custom work applications to retain customers to convert prospects into opportunities. This is the main reason for the custom mobile apps development is an attractive option for a company that is gaining momentum.

Whenever you are looking to leverage the power of mobile apps development solutions here you can know that using modern technology companies to differentiate their products or services.

Mobile Apps are designed to make faster mobile data

The fast pace of life makes them very demanding users on the speed of their screens load sites gadgets and online stores. According to KISSmetrics research, 46% of smartphone users leave the page if it does not open in the first 10 seconds. That’s why online stores must be fast enough to be able to build a solid core of regular customers.

In this, mobile applications have a huge advantage on websites. Mobile applications for online stores do not have to be connected to the Internet to provide users with basic functions such as comparing products or price verification, they are effectively using the overall performance of the device. In turn, the sites need a constant Internet connection to update some of their content.

However, this does not mean that speed has no value for mobile applications. Users generally remove the application from their devices if it takes too long to download. Besides speed, applications are higher than sites in the following aspects:

access to native features of the smartphone (camera, GPS navigation, voice recognition)

interactivity (integration with social networks) and content customization

ease of use and better adaptation for mobile devices.

Mobile Apps convert visitors into customers and increase sales

According to Forbes, mobile applications to increase sales and earnings of projects in the areas of e-commerce and m-commerce:

customers spend 3 to 4 times in mobile applications as desktop computers;

customers spend twice as much money on mobile applications on mobile sites;

the conversion rate to the highest applications for mobile sites;

the mean value of controls on mobile applications is 140% higher than that of movable and 130% higher than on workstations;

The dropout rate basket in applications is only 20%, while in the mobile versions of the site – 97%, and desktop versions – 68%.

The applications put users in purchasing, especially as their functionality lets you pay the order in one click. Also, the enhanced functionality of mobile applications allows online stores to control user interaction compared to most websites and receive more detailed analyzes. These benefits help business owners to personalize their content more accurately and thus implement more advanced recommendation systems to increase conversion rates.

Mobile Loyalty Applications

One of the main advantages of mobile applications is the ability to create brand loyalty. According to Adobe, 67% of online shoppers who use their mobile devices to make purchases, prefer applications offered by companies and their favorite brands.

Therefore, mobile solutions make the connection between online stores and most lasting customers. You may ask how to encourage people to download and install the application. All you need is to provide them with exclusive offers or limited discounts to encourage users to install your application.

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Mobile applications offer a better user interface

The ease of application usage increases if they did not need a constant Internet connection. This allows applications to load heavy animations or high definition images much quicker, which makes the design of an elegant business or a startup application, modern and dynamic.

And the architecture of the application allows developers to create useful and exclusive features with intuitive navigation. Another advantage that an application on Android or iOS offers is the ability to implement gamification. It has become a trend in application development because it creates a higher level of interactivity and user interaction.

Increase Interaction Mobile Apps user

Modern mobile applications offer different options for user interaction, while a website does not allow customers to use the integrated camera and show their friends their updates without leaving the site. With the application, it becomes a simple action for a few seconds.

Another way to increase user engagement is to implement a voice recognition feature that will allow users to navigate the menu or subscribe to the newsletter. Also, for example, the application can show the location of the nearest store using GPS offline.

Mobile applications encourage smartphone users to share links to their favorite sites or ask your friends to share their opinions about a product or service using social networks.

This marketing channel is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to promote your products. Every loyal customer who has your mobile automatically becomes a living platform for advertising your online store on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Thus, a growing number of companies or startups are leveraging the development of custom mobile applications to stay ahead of the competition. And a mobile application to measure gives consumers a way to interact with your company or business. In turn, this leads directly to increased sales, improved consumer perception, and therefore the service superior customer.

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