Social media marketing is now a important part of blogging. To attract new user and to make your brand you need to have a good social media presences  . The Instagram bot are the tools that allow a company or brand to acquire followers on to their Instagram profile. Gone are the days were people use the trick like  follow and unfollowing masses to gain follower as Instagram may ban you for doing that.

There is nothing that humans cannot do but they are very limited in capabilities to work at different task at same time but Also at the same time human are smart enough to overcome this problem so they build a bots which gives them wing like redbull give us .

The Instagram bots are some of the best tools for the brands or for marketing your product . It could be part of your marketing strategy

The tools which i am going to introduce are some of the best which I personally recommend but i also want to make clear that its just a tool and don’t expect it that it will make your brand go viral overnight but if used wisely may help in giving your brand a great exposure. 

So here are the one of the best instagram bot which give best targeting options with in depth analytics

Top Instgram Bot For Gaining followers


best instagram bots for 2019 – Instavast

If you are on low budget then instavast is the best as at just $10 you are getting the most powerful and in depth  Instagram bot for gaining followers on the market.  You will get access to some very in-depth analytics and targeting options.  And also the best part is that they have a three day free trial so you can test it before putting your money on it. There are 6 basic functions that every service offers – auto-liking posts, auto-following, auto-unfollowing, auto-commenting, auto-DMs and more recently, auto-viewing Instagram stories.

What I really like about it is that you can view  stats of different activity separatly so that you can see the engagement on those post sepearately.

One feature they’ve implemented that I’ve seen other services also offer is the ability to schedule your first comment on a post. It sounds weird, but it makes sense when you think of how you handle your hashtags. Drop 10 lines of spacer characters like underscores or periods and then your list of hashtags so they’re hidden from plain view.

Also their customer support are great and very willingly to help you out.


best instagram bots for 2019 – BigBangram

As the name suggest you will get 5000 like instantly with it which could be a big bang for your instagram account. But Bigbangram cost $5 more than Instavast but you get a lot of free gift when you sign up for their program and yes 5000 like is included in that list. It offer similar features like Instavast but has some unique feature which make it different from other which are mentioned below-

This bot service provides free proxy servers, where you get to choose a server that your Instagram automation runs from. This reduces your chances of getting your social account being banned. With any form of automation comes risk and they’ve played their part in mitigating it where possible.

 And also their UX is really simple and beautifull in design which makes it easier for beginner.

The only downside of it is that  BigBangram  also offer a 3 day free trial but you have to pay $1. If you haven’t used Instagram bots before then Instavast would be best for you because of its free trial.


best instagram bots for 2019 – Jarvee

It may seems costly but it is not because it is not only a instagram bot it is family pack of social media bot. you can use it on facebook, linkedin and twitter. is an absolute fucking monster. It is a bit costlier but at $29.95 a month, you are not limited to just instgram but you will get access to  Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest and some other social media platform.

It has feature like auto reply to direct messages which are rarely found on instgram bot and also you can manage 10 accounts at the same time which could be use by people who are trying to build multiple influencer accounts at the same time.

Jarvee also run a 5 day free trail and that too without asking for your credit card.


best instagram bots for 2019 – CrowdFire

CrowdFire is similar to Jarvee  as they too offer bot for twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. They don’t have any fixed price as pricing varies depending upon the no of social profile you want to manage. Beside that they also have free plan where you don’t have to pay anything but with  limited capabilities.

Honestly, speaking it is the best alternative for the Instavast in terms of pricing.

As the competition are getting tougher day by day you just can sit an expect your brand to grow.  You need to use different tools and strategy to grow your brand. And theses tools may ease your work. Research on hashtags and analyze your follower and try to be consistent.

Cheers to your future brand growth in 2019! ?

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