Nowadays Indian women are far away from the stereotypical thought of society about their ability and capabilities. They proved them in every realm of career possibility. In entrepreneurship also they do not let the trend go down. Breaking all the barriers, more and more women entrepreneurs pushed themselves to start their own ventures.

Actually, the entrepreneurial journey is all about hard work, passion, and dedication, it has nothing to do with gender. Although the so-called “man-made” biased society makes it hard to grow a business by a woman, breaking all the odds makes their dream business goals a reality.

In this article, we will discuss 10 such influential businesswomen and their inspirational stories. So, here is the top 10 women entrepreneurs in India 2021 who creates history in the field of business and entrepreneurship –

Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs of India

Falguni Nayar – The Founder of Nykaa

Falguni Nayar is the founder of the billion-dollar cosmetic brand of India Nykaa. Leaving a successful 20-year successful career as an investment banker she steps ahead to build her dream company Nykaa was established in 2012 as an e-commerce platform for cosmetic and beauty products but today Nykaa is popular among every Indian woman’s mouth.

Falguni is entitled ” the most powerful business” and ” women ahead”. On this date, Nykaa retail more than 2000000 products on their site and deal with more than 2000 national and international brands. Not only the online platforms expand themselves offline too by building more than 76 stores across India.

In 2020 Nykaa declared as a unicorn startup, the brand value raised to $1.2 billion. The story of Falguni and Nykaa is an example for every woman and their million-dollar valuable dream.

Vandana Luthra – The founder of VLCC

Vandana Luthra founded her beauty brand VLCC in 1989 when the number of female entrepreneurs is so low that you can even count on your fingers. Now VLCC has become a global brand for beauty and fitness.

VLCC is present in 11 countries over the world with immense success. Not only a businessman, but she is also a big philanthropist with her NGO Khushii.

Canada’s Luthra is awarded the most honorable award of India Padma Shri, by President of India Pranab Mukherjee for her huge contribution to the Indian business. Not only that she also bestowed with some topmost awards like the Enterprise Asia Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Rajiv Gandhi Award, Asian Business Leaders, etc many more.

How a homemaker with a 3yr old child can found her company and make it a universal brand, Vandana’s story tells us that inspiring story.

Suchi Mukherjee – Founder & CEO of Limeroad

Suchi Mukherjee, a Haryana-born middle-class woman established her women’s fashion brand Limeroad in 2012. But now Limeroad is not only the most fashionable women’s fashion and accessory brand in India, but it also expands its field in men, kids, and home decor.

Her educational background is in economics, and from London, she did her Masters in Finance. When she works as an authoritarian person in a company she first gets her idea about making her own company. And by following her dream, she made Limeroad a Unicorn startup in 2016. Limeroad gains the title of Coolest Start-up of the year 2015.

On this date, Limeroad successfully raised $30 million for their venture. The motto of Limeroad is to make online shopping simple and fun.

Suchi was awarded Infocom Woman of the Year – Digital Business in 2015 and became a role model for every girl.

Aditi Gupta -Founder of Menstrupedia

Aditi Gupta becomes an entrepreneur to fight against social issues regarding menstruation and develop Menstrupedia to break the taboos against periods.

Menstrupedia works as a platform to spread knowledge about menstruation pain and educate the girls about their bodies.

Menstrupedia is a platform that illustrates menstruation with graphics that convey to women about menstrual hygiene.

Her work makes a great impact on society, it changes the conception of society about the period to a very promising edge and menstrupedia becomes very famous among every woman.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw – The founder of Biocon Limited

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is the wealthiest women entrepreneur in India. She established Biocon in 1978 as a Pharmaceuticals firm, which is now one of the dominating companies in India in this field.

She started Biocon as a joint venture with an Ireland biochemical company, and now it becomes an organization of the most crucial biomedical research.

Back in 1978, it was difficult to build a pharmaceutical company because of the lack of skilled employees, lack of demanding resources, etc but Kiran accepted her challenge and now she makes her corporation the first company to be approved by USFDA.

And if you want to know about her achievements, she is awarded the two most prestigious awards in India Padma Shri and Padma Bhusan, she was listed as the 54th richest women and 65th strongest women in India in 2019.

Shahnaz Husain- Founder of Shahnaz Herbals

Shahnaz Husain, known as the “Queen of Herbal Beauty Care” is the founder of Shahnaz Herbal, one of India’s most popular beauty brands.

Being married at 16 years of age and becoming an early mother it was not easy for her to establish her brand. But she goes against all odds and proves everyone.

Shahnaz Herbal is present in 138 countries over the World and has an overall 600 franchises. It is a globally recognized beauty brand with immense success.

She is facilitated with Padma Shri in 2016. And she was invited to share business knowledge at the Harvard Business School. Isn’t she an incredible woman who makes India proud?

Vani Kola – Founder, Kalaari Capital

Vani Kola the founder of Kalaari Capital is a Hyderabad girl who makes an exception. Kalahari is not her first founded company. During her days in Silicon Valley, she previously developed two other companies Rightwork and Certus software.

Kalahari Capital is a Venture Company that does early investment in a startup business. This venture capital mainly focuses on investing according to future market demanding sectors like technology, health care, e-commerce, etc. It was established in 2006 and within 2012 it gathered $150 million funds.

Vani Kola was awarded Women of Worth honor for her entrepreneurship and Delhi-NCR 5th Edition of women Entrepreneurship award in 2018.

Ritu Kumar – The Fashion designer

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When anyone asks about India’s most famous fashion designers, Ritu Kumar’s face comes to our minds. She is the founder of the boutique named “Ri” and “label Ritu Kumar”.

In her early days, she started her designing with traditional Indian designing process but now she has one of the most stylish brands in fashion. However, with the updated fashion standards, she also has another section in her brand which generates traditional Indian dress to uplift the Indian culture.

“Ri” boutiques work with simple, lightweight fabric, which is creative designing it. Her designed dresses are very popular among Bollywood models and celebrities. They mainly targeted young audiences as their market.

Ritu Kumar is the recipient of various awards including the Padma Shri, Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award, and many more for her exceptional work in designing.

Shradha Sharma-Founder & CEO, YourStory Media Pvt.Ltd

YourStory is a platform for the entrepreneur for the publicity of their startup with the world, which is established by Shradha Sharma.

YourStory talks about entrepreneurs, their success journey, their life story, etc. It is one of the growing media platforms for business updates. Every month they able to engage millions of readers on this platform and various events hosted by them throughout the year is one of the reasons for their success

It raised its fund by $13 million, many big investors including Ratan Tata and various venture capital invested in this platform knowing the capacity of this startup.

Upasana Taku: Co-Founder of Mobikwik

Upasana Taku is the co-founder of virtual wallet Mobikwik with her husband. The phone-based Fintech Startup Mobikwik is a digital payment solution and has also linked up with many companies.

Upasana Taku worked at Paypal earlier. The career experience in Paypal is one of the influential factors on the establishment of her venture Mobikwik in India.

Mobikwik gives the facility of paying bills, online shopping, mobile research, DTH, etc, and rewards called SuperCash on their platform.

Mobikwik received several awards, one of the very noticeable of them is the mBillionth Award South Asia for the construction in the Mobile Business sector.


The story of these strong, amazing, extraordinary top 10 female entrepreneurs gives us goosebumps on our skins. Their journey has never been an easy one but they believe in themselves, Chase their goals and become successful.

Although several women entrepreneurs are constantly increasing nowadays India needs more and more businesswomen.

Hope this post will inspire you motivated and raise your entrepreneurial mindset to start your business and serve society.

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