Are you a startup founder and entrepreneur and looking for essential tips for your startup to succeed? Then you are in right place. Here we have the Top 10 Tips for Startups that had taken from a book called explosive growth which helped the author startup’s apps to grow 1 million users. You can get all 79 Explosive Growth Tips, including detailed case studies, in this book, Explosive Growth: A Few Things I Learned Growing To 100 Million Users & Losing $78 Million, which was recently ranked as one of the Best startup books Of All-Time.

10 Best Tips for Startups

Here are the Top 10 Tips, tricks, and inside info you need for Small Business and Startups From Expert Entrepreneurs are listed below:

1. Be At Least 10 Times Better

A marginally better product is worthless. It needs to be at least ten times better. And how you can do this is a  big question, right?

So, before launching to your great customers, why don’t you eat your own dog food first. Means to say, Use your product every day. You and your team have to use your own product more than your users do. Unless there is some obstacle, you and your teammates should become a great fan of your product first. Then only expect from great users to use your product. This is best among the Top 10 Tips for Startups.

2. Hire For Culture Fit Over Talent

Every hire we make can impact the dynamism of our organization and individual teams. Your first few hires should resonate with your culture.

This is necessary because Your employees share their lives dedicated to your work and building a career too. If they don’t love the work they’re doing and the people they’re working with, then it’s useless. That can quickly turn into an undesirable work environment in your own space.

As a leader, it’s important for you to understand the impact of hiring new employees and it should be done with the intention of your company culture in mind. For that obvious reason, Your culture will have an outsized impact on your success. If you are looking for one of the best among the Top 10 Tips for Startups, then I would suggest you follow this first.

3. Move Fast And Break Things

As mentioned somewhere, speed is the key to great success. New entrepreneurs spend so much time trying to get everything perfect resulting in them run out of money.

Consequently leads to the failure of any startup. Facebook’s motto was the same like take lots of chances & focus on getting quick results instead of building the perfect feature. Failing = Learning. As early as you fail, as early you will learn about it. 

4. Get Quality Users Over Quantity

Initially, focus on quality users. Early adopters (true fans) will provide the necessary feedback to improve your product. And also they will recommend it to their friends if they find it useful. Make a plan to reach at least 100 users firstly and will take genuine feedback from them and will proceed further according to that only.

5. Know Your A-HA Moment

For those who don’t know the A-ha moment, it is also called a wow moment. It is the moment when new users first realize the value of your product. It’s related to your product’s from the user’s perspective.

Your A-ha moment is the instant a user recognizes the massive value your product delivers to them. There are various methods to find your product A-ha moment. Identifying and then optimizing it is vital for your startup success. One of among Top 10 Tips for Startups to get success.

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6. Have A Real-Time Dashboard

Basically, a real-time dashboard is a dashboard that contains apprehend that is automatically updated with the most current data available. These data envision offer a combination of historic data and real-time information that is useful for monitoring efficiency. It usually contains data that is time-sensitive.

Building products and testing features without robust analytics are like skydiving without a parachute – it won’t end well. Do you have an effective real-time dashboard with your key metrics? This question should arise in your mind, after launching your product in the market.


7. Test Integrations On Platforms

Many of today’s billion-dollar companies succeeded by growing on top of other platforms. All you need is one value-enhancing integration, and your product will grow explosively. Are you testing platform integrations?

8. Make Something Remarkable

Earlier great marketing could sell even ordinary products. But nowadays cut-throat competition is there in every filed. So you should come up with remarkable products or services to succeed.

Remarkable can be defined as “something worth talking about. Worth noticing. Exceptional. Interesting.” Being remarkable is not subjective. People are either spreading the word, or your product probably sucks. Don’t waste your time and money marketing an ordinary product, you’ll fail miserably. Found to be great among all Top 10 Tips for Startups.

9. Focus On Retention, Not Growth

There’s a common misconception among entrepreneurs are that businesses need to acquire new customers if they want to make more money or want to get success. Yeah for obvious Getting new customers is beneficial and can help your business grow a lot.

But getting 1000 new users and loosing 200 old customers is not a good way. This will increase your marketing cost by 6 times. Customer retention is a much more viable and cost-effective marketing strategy you should use nowadays if you want to sustain in the market.

10. Have Awesome Mentors

Among all, this one is the Top 10 Tips for Startups which is required for you. A Mentorship is all about giving startup founders the tools, you think you had when you were in their position. It’s just giving back, and as importantly, as learning new things.

Entrepreneurs life is unpredictable and in the initial stages, problems arrive after one problem go. So they are stuck with doubts and challenges. For this mentor is required which will add a priceless resource to any startup success.


Hope you have gone through the Top 10 Tips for Startups and found it interesting. I would like to hear from you any suggestions in the comment box. If you are an entrepreneur and want to succeed with your startup then you should follow these tips. You can find more such tips in the explosive growth book. Buy it from Amazon Now.

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