Parents, educators, and researchers all know how important language is to children’s education and life chances. We want our kids to be able to enjoy their learning and express themselves in speech and writing. In this, having an excellent vocabulary plays an important role, and tools such as thesaurus are intended to help. But how do we help kids get the most from them?

What Is Thesaurus and How It Can Help Kids?

A thesaurus is a book that lists words and related concepts in groups of synonyms or even antonyms. The thesaurus is not only for writers or students, but it can also help kids in middle school or elementary. The thesaurus can greatly help kids in their school in terms of their homework and essay. In addition to helping them with school work, the thesaurus will also promote their own reading and writing, hopefully sparking a love of language that continues throughout their lives.

Five Ways To Get The Most Out Of a Thesaurus

1. Discover together

As a parent, help your kids learn more words with the help of a thesaurus. If you want to search for words you want to discover with your kids, Power Thesaurus is available on mobile apps and most browsers. 

Show your child that it’s fine not to know other words or that you know a word sometimes, but there are more words to use, which is right in other contexts. By using a thesaurus, you can both search for words that are synonyms or antonyms to each other. By this, you and your child are not only learning new words but also build a bond with each other. 

2. Word games

It is so much fun to play word games. With a thesaurus, you can search for a word and its synonyms and antonyms. You can prepare a board with the list of synonyms or antonyms of the word and let your child pick the word which he thinks matches. 

By this, your child will not have to put all of his time on computer games but with an educational game that can be helpful in his academics. 

3. Reading together

Shared reading, either by reading aloud or listening to audiobooks together, is something that you probably already do, and by exposing children to texts that may be beyond their reading level, it is a vital way of attempting to close the ‘word gap’. 

With the thesaurus, you help your child understand some words by looking at the synonyms which your child already knew. Moreover, you can also aid it with a dictionary for some more complex words and definitions that you can look up together. 

4. The confidence to create

Developing a love of language means more than just getting spelling and grammar right. It’s also about becoming confidently creative in the way you express your ideas. Look for words in the thesaurus, and you can use the synonyms or antonyms to create a sentence. 

Encourage your child to play with words. You can start by giving some examples, and you can now start playing when your child knows how the game works. 

5. Treasure hunting but with words

Try browsing a book’s pages and find words that are new to your kid or also to you. List all the words that your kid doesn’t know and after hunting for words, search those words in the thesaurus. 

You can look up for its synonyms and the examples given by the thesaurus. After searching for the words, try using it in a sentence. By doing this, children can not only learn fascinating new words but also construct vocabulary through sentences and experiences like this, but become confident users of other words, an ability that will assist them as they progress through high school and beyond.

Almost all words are included in the thesaurus. This tool is perfect for young kids who are just learning new words, which can help them explore other terms. Help encourage your kids to read and learn words through a thesaurus. 

Your child will thank you for letting them learn at such a young age, as this can be very helpful when they go to high school or college. If you are looking for a thesaurus to help you and your kids learn new words, you can try Power Thesaurus today. This tool is available on the internet and can even be downloaded on your phone. 

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