Sri Lanka is home to some of the best views, whether it be a view of the magnificent and glistening Indian ocean or beautiful landscapes  from on top of a misty mountain. The teardrop shaped island is also home to some of the best national parks where you would be able to interact and see wildlife like never before. Each spot on this island provides a truly unique experience for every traveler that is unforgettable. Due to this Sri Lanka attracts many tourists every year, who are looking for adventure or even for a luxurious getaway.

If you’re someone who is looking for a luxurious getaway, here are some of the best luxury hotels that you can stay at during your visit to this beautiful country. Each hotel provides a different experience from the scenic locations where they are located to the extraordinary details in the architecture. 

Ceylon Tea Trails by Resplendent Ceylon

This luxurious bungalow is situated in Hatton, a must visit spot when you’re visiting Sri Lanka, where you would be able to see some panoramic views of Ceylon tea hills. The bungalows are at the perfect location where you would be able to oversee Castlereagh lake and immerse yourself in nature.

The luxury resort compromises of five restored historic tea planter residences. Each bungalow is different from the other and the minute architectural details of the rooms offer a taste of heritage luxury with solid teak furnishings and antique touches.  This helps create an ambiance of historic charm and elegance. The bungalows have a very distinct 50’s character to them where you would be able transport yourself back in time.

You would also be able to enjoy a very cozy stay as you sink your feet into their plush beds and get pampered with their great service, which will truly make it one of the best getaways for you and your loved ones.

Jetwing Vil Uyana

This eco-luxury sanctuary is situated in Sigiriya, home to one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka. Sigiriya is part of the cultural triangle in the island, where you would be able to visit many historic sites that are filled with fascinating stories that will take you back in time when kings ruled the land.

Jetwing Vil Uyana stays true to the regal history of its magnificent surroundings, the hotel provides views of unspoiled greenery, agricultural lands and lakes filled with lily pads that will take your breath away. The hotel compromises of 5 types of dwellings; garden, marsh, paddy, water and forest. All the dwellings have been designed with sustainable local materials, such as woven reeds and rattan that provides an atmosphere of natural elegance while still providing you with comforts that suit your contemporary lifestyle.

This luxurious hotel is truly sustainable as the architecture of the hotel has incorporated nature into their design, while preserving the environment around it, giving you a very distinctive experience.

Taru Villas Rampart Street

In the southern province of Sri Lanka lies the city of Galle which provides an eclectic mix of history, culture and nature intertwined. Galle Fort offers a myriad of attractions along the rampart streets, where you could truly immerse yourself in the stories behind this city and it’s rich colonial history.

The architecture behind Taru Villas Rampart Street was truly inspired by Galle Fort, with charming and eclectic grandeur colonial styles and paintings that celebrate the history and heritage of this island and lush gardens. The rooms in this old merchant’s bungalow provides a unique and elegant touch while still providing remnants of the past with its antique furnishings. 

The luxury boutique hotel not only provides gorgeous interiors but it has managed to maintain the history behind the bungalow and the location.

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