So you have planned a holiday getaway to the tropical island, Lonely Planet’s destination of 2019, Sri Lanka. You are looking forward to spending a good time by the beach, as well as in the pool sipping pina coladas and soaking up the sunshine at a nice seaside hotel like Club Hotel Dolphin. So what do you need to pack? Here’s a list of the absolute must-haves for every woman on a sunny getaway:

Protection from the Sun

This is an essential part of a vacation in the tropics. Ensure to pack some good sunscreen, a hat with a large brim, sunglasses and lip balm. These are must haves on a tropical getaway.

Dressing it up – Clothing

Tropical islands are usually hot and humid. Best to pack some loose cotton clothing. Shorts are great and tank tops too. Be mindful though of the culture of the country and ensure to be respectful as necessary.

Walking in a Tropical Island – Footwear

The best footwear for a beach side stroll is flip flops/slippers. If you are planning on walking around the area you are staying at a pair of sandals will come in handy and if night outs are planned then a pair of cute wedges will do.

Poolside Chilling – Swimwear

There is no point of a tropical getaway without some pool time. So ensure to pack those gorgeous and sexy swimwear along with your other clothes. Do some research into the culture of the country to see if there is a requirement to cover up conservatively outside of the resorts.

Accessorise Your Holiday

There is no rule that you can’t jazz up your holiday getaway. Add some cute jewellery into your packing list. Ensure though to stick to jewellery that is lightweight wooden, cooling rocks or metals. Avoid gold and silver as sweat will cause these to discolour.

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