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Hatton is tucked away high in the mountains of Sri Lanka. The small town is surrounded by lush greenery and cascading waterfalls- the perfect nature getaway. Although most travellers opt for visiting the larger more popular hill country towns like Ella, or even Nuwara Eliya, Hatton has a certain charm to it that makes you feel completely at peace from the time you get there. If you’re considering travelling to Hatton but you don’t know much about this hidden gem, let this blog be your guide.

When To Visit

The season to visit Hatton is from December – March, but one of the best things about Sri Lankan destinations is that you can visit them year-round, especially the hill country.

Although it’s generally advised against visiting during the monsoon season since you won’t get to partake in the many outdoor activities, the monsoon rains bring a vibrancy to the hills. The whole air is filled with the smell of rain and wet soil, the waterfalls are full and gushing with water, and the foliage seems to be even greener- so don’t worry if you miss the season.

How Long Should You Stay

Four days is the ideal amount of time you should spend in Hatton. The first day is for you to recover from your travels, even if you’re coming from the commercial capital of Colombo it’s still about a four to five-hour drive! The next three days are for exploring the misty mountains of Hatton.

What You Should Do

Most of the activities on offer in Hatton are outdoors, so be sure to pack a pair of walking shoes! Here are some of the best activities to partake in Hatton.

Maussakele Reservoir

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This is Hatton’s best-kept secret. Found on the foothills of the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary, Maussakele Reservoir is encircled by lush greenery and on one end there’s a white waterfall cascading down a cliff face.

Adam’s Peak

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Adam’s Peak, also known as Sri Pada, is a holy site for all four major religious groups in Sri Lanka and many locals make the pilgrimage every year. The best time to climb this peak is between December and May. Start your hike a little after midnight so that you will summit before sunrise.

St. Clair’s Falls

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Waterfalls are a hallmark of the Sri Lankan hill country. St. Clair’s Falls is often considered to be the country’s most picturesque cascade and has been given the nickname ‘Little Niagra of Sri Lanka”. To get to the fall, you’ll go through a picturesque tea plantation before you arrive at its rocky base.

• Warleigh Church

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The Warleigh Church is not something you’d expect to see in Hatton. The church was constructed in the 18th century during British rule and it looks like a quintessential English countryside church. Take a moment to visit the church and wander through its orchards.

• A Tour Around A Tea Factory

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Tea is emblematic with Sri Lanka, and a large amount of the country’s tea is grown in Hatton and its surrounding areas. One of the things you must do when you visit this town is to go on a tour around a tea factory to learn about the centuries-old manufacturing process of tea.

Where To Stay

To experience Sri Lankan hospitality at its best and luxury like no other, you must stay at Ceylon Tea Trails, a collection of five restored tea planter bungalows that have excellent service and stunning views. 

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