Taking a business management course for managers is one of the significant ways in which middle and senior level managers around the world are furthering their careers. There are several career benefits entailing an enrolment in a reputed executive education program such as the Columbia executive education course, one of which is learning from leading lights in the business world.

Leading executive education programs have the biggest names in business on their roster of teachers and guest lecturers. This is one of the most profound benefits of enrolling for the program, the future career growth notwithstanding. The following sections outline the 3 main benefits of participating in this challenging program where industry experts are teachers and mentors:

1. Industry experts are constant learners themselves – this is a major advantage.

It is true what they say about a successful person being a lifelong student – the moment you start believing that you know everything there is to know on a subject, your growth in that field stops. The only way to get ahead in life and become successful in what you do, is to keep learning. This could encompass a wide gamut of things, from learning how to use new technology to mastering a new way of doing business in a different geographical location. This tendency to constantly learn and innovate is what sets successful business leaders apart from their peers and contemporaries. Being in a constant learning zone keeps business leaders in the know about new trends and challenges, and they are often ahead of the curve in solving business problems than others are. In turn, their companies benefit from their expertise – and all those who come in contact with them do as well. Having an industry expert for a mentor or teacher for the executive education program helps you get access to a vast trove of knowledge about how business is successfully run. If you are observant and keen enough, you can also benefit by adopting your teacher’s ability to always learn from every source of information.

2. They have already mastered many business concepts, and they are willing to share their expertise.

An ideal teacher is one who does not hold back on the information he or she possesses. The best teachers across industries are those that impart learning without bias. Their only contention is that their students must learn everything about the subject, and that they (the teacher) are a gateway to learning. Successful business leaders are mavericks in their profession, and they have been at the forefront of many a radical business trend or use of new technology. Not only have they been at the right place at the right time, they also have the answers to a bevy of business challenges, both past and present. Having a long track record of success and failures in business, they have reasonable competence to lead teams at work, and also teach students of leading management around the world. They do this without holding back their expertise or time, and are unselfish in helping students come to grips with the coursework using their own skills and experience. As a participant, you have the opportunity to leverage their knowledge and skills for the betterment of your own career.

3. They are quick to spot potential and recruit real talent.

Business is not just about the bottom line. It is about finding and grooming the right talent, being a patient and empathetic manager, troubleshooting using the right resources, and so on. An industry expert can often spot real talent in just a few minutes of interaction. Young professionals or middle level managers who enrol for the executive education program with leading universities, are often handpicked during the course of the admission process. However, a business leader with an eye trained after years of experience in business, can separate the future business leaders in the classroom from the rest. Their acumen is useful in spotting participants who will not only benefit from the program, but may also stand to do well in the expert’s own company. As a participant, if you are one of the bright sparks of the class and have a good bond with your teachers, the chances of being recruited for better pay and positions in other companies are much higher if you are looking for a job change.

Picking the executive education course

Look for a course that has an emphasis on international business, and whose campus and coursework spans a gamut of streams from finance to strategic thinking. A course set in a diverse campus is always worth considering, since it offers an interesting set of teachers, many subjects, long and short programs, superb campus facilities and access to the most diverse minds in business today.

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