Did you know that 54% of school students plagiarize content? This was revealed in a study by Donald McCabe. He studied over 70,000 students across 24 high schools in the United States. The reason for such rampant content theft could be inadequate writing skills, not knowing what plagiarism is, or just not caring about the consequences. Well, one thing’s for certain, students do need to care about plagiarism!

Why Students Should Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a not just a nuisance, it is a crime. It is the theft of someone else’s hard work, and this can have serious consequences. If intellectual copyright is violated, it can also lead to legal consequences. The best case scenario is that the student might fail the subject, while the worst case could be expulsion from the school. Plus, it can also ruin the student’s reputation. The original author could even sue you for plagiarism.

Lastly, the most important reason students should avoid plagiarism is that ruins the educational experience. Schools are meant to teach concepts. But this never happens, thanks to plagiarism. Students just copy information from the internet, instead of using their own learning.

The Benefits of Plagiarism Checker for Students

Even if a student does not want to plagiarize, they might accidently do so. In such situations, knowing about it can be really difficult. This is where plagiarism detectors come in handy. Here are some of the benefits of plagiarism detectors for students:

1. Extensive Search Abilities

A high-quality plagiarism checker can compare the document against billions of online documents, academic journals, licensed private databases, and archives. So, you can be assured that if there is any plagiarism in your content, it would almost certainly be detected. To achieve this, such plagiarism detectors use sophisticated algorithms that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning. So, whether the content is copied, paraphrased, or even appears similar, the checker would have no problem in detecting it.

2. Makes Checking Plagiarism Simple and Convenient

Not only do high-quality plagiarism checkers have extensive detection capabilities, but they are very simple to use as well. You can upload and check several documents at once for plagiarism. The documents can be in almost any format, including txt, pdf, doc, html, and docx. You can even scan hard copies and check.

If you are using detectors with OCR technology, you can simply take a picture of the content and get results. Some plagiarism checkers can even detect plagiarism in other languages. You don’t even need a computer for this! There are apps for Android and iOS available.

3. Facilitates Learning

A plagiarism detector can also act as a learning tool. Many students do not know how to cite sources or quote the original text correctly, which leads to plagiarism. A plagiarism detector tells them where they are going wrong. This helps them in correcting their mistake. Additionally, some students feel that they are great at paraphrasing, when in reality it is not true. By checking it, they can know about their mistake and learn to paraphrase properly.

Plagiarism detectors can be extremely useful for students. But before you choose one, do check the features and capabilities thoroughly.

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