It is rightly said that “all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy.” That makes important for every child to receive Play based learning. Little steps preparatory school believes that with play based learning, we have given toddlers a whole new dimension to grow.

Play-based learning is an idea, that is becoming a buzz word for every best playway school in Panipat city. It has gained more wieghtage in the recent past. At little steps, we believe that “no play, no learning- know play, know learning.”

Little steps preparatory school in Panipat implies play based learning that teach the children in a way they like to learn- though play. In play based learning there are events where children are asked to come together and play a lot more activities in a top Preschool in Panipat city. However the Play based learning do not undervalue the importance of conventional teaching. Through this children are involved in different tasks that help in developing their minds. This also becomes a way of knowing about child behaviour and what interests him more.

The top Kids school in Panipat city let children learn to take ownership of their work, so that they become confident individuals. Also make their minds to be a more responsible and become a better person. We understand parents entrust their children to play way in the hope that they receive the best start possible. We at our best pre school, Panipat city knows how to maintain a friendly environment and what to do for your child development. We have qualified teachers that focus on all areas of learning with fun and creative activities that let your child grow.

Little steps school makes sure that play based learning has more focus on the target to mentally gro the child. Also, it strives to get your child to attain personal and social skills. Our Kids school in Panipat city prompt an aura that lets children develops their self-sufficiency which is required at all stages in life. Also, offer kids the time and space to solve a given problem, without solving it for them. We at our best play way school in Panipat strives in stimulating young minds. We assure to make an environment that encourages them to explore learning materials and to interact with adults.

Be fast! Get your child enrolled today with us to grow. Limited seats available.

Address- 24, 12-B Gole Market, Model Town, Panipat

Contact no.- 098967 48483

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