Ever wonder making the frame of the pictures of the best moment of your life but having difficulties as the pictures are on the mobile phone. even i face the same problem,while i was looking for a portable printer for my iPhone i get to know about kiipix mobile printer.

The kiipix mobile printer i not only portable but also doesn’t require ink to print the images i first thought it would be expensive but the price totally blew my mind.
You just need to Place film, phone, and just print,I like the way the photos have this retro look and its look so good in the small photo frames I have.

If price are to be consider then I would definitely recommend it over the HP Sproket and Fuji Instax camera for that matter, i mean who needs the another camera when you have your own mobile phone.

Here are some of the features of the gadgets

  • It’s simple and has great picture quality.
  • It Instantly print photos from the smartphone and It’s easy to use.
  • its totally wireless  and even no batteries are required so making it easy to travel.
  • You can even add filter to the photos and even get rid of the red-eye .
  •  It is foldable, and is easy for travel gadgets.
  •  And what different about it is that you don’t even need ink to print  just all you need is the FUJIFILM Instax mini film in order to print out your pictures.

Kiipix is a perfect gadgets for those who cannot afford the Hp Sprocket which was too expensive for me too. I would say the image quality of kiipix are also almost similar to that of Hp sprocket.

It need a little practice at first as it was difficult for me to print picture from it as some of the print came blurry and sometime darker but i was able to make it better after tweaking some setting and it turned out nice. I would advice that you turn the phone’s brightness all the way up.

You just need to align the KiiPix frame to your phone and then place on top of KiiPix film. Use the reflective mirror to make sure the photo is lined up the way you want it and don’t forget to adjust brightness of the phone for better pictures.

The kiipix is really a companion gadgets for me as i love to take it with me whenever i am on travel.write your response down below if fujifilm really help you and please recommend and share this story if you like it.

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