The startup ecosystem is booming in India especially amongst the college students. Everyone wants to become an entrepreneur but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. We have to put efforts which others are not willing to put to stand alone and stand apart in the field of entrepreneurship. Anyone having a passion to become an entrepreneur may go through many sleepless nights, angry investors, unsatisfied customers and many more struggles. Only the person willing to face the struggles can become a successful owner of a startup.

Let us define what exactly startup means to us :

A startup is a newly established business that is in the developing stage. New companies i,e startups are generally small and at first, financed and worked by a pack of originators or one individual. These companies offer services or products that aren’t starting being offered elsewhere in the market, or better say which is something new for consumers.

Startup Craze in Indian Youth

The Indian economical community is blasting with startup and business. What are the reasons? Here are a few reasons:

1. The Indian government began the plan of Startup India to make an opening for work among the youth. In the wake of seeing the fruitful business people like Ritesh Aggarwal (Oyo rooms’ author), Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Paytm originator), Bansal Brother’s (Flipkart’s organizer) and so on everybody needs to be a business visionary.

2. Very nearly 12 lakhs Engineering undergraduates graduate each year. What’s more, openings of jobs for newcomers is unfortunate. That leaves them just a single choice left with them, to make a vocation for themselves by founding a startup.

3. Additionally, passage to startup turns out to be very modest, particularly in IT firms. You simply need to spend a few bucks and you are in digital marketing, network marketing and so on.

4. Motivational addresses, TED Talks really moves the undergrads’  to consider entrepreneurship as a career.

5. This is the thing that I generally found in undergraduates as they believe it’s about pointless fooling around and fun. Some also began living impossible lives and viewing themselves as next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. What’s more, they began talking words in the air which is only false craze they’re trying to show passionately and we know very well that this will going to collapse very soon.

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