Everyone loves the smartwatch and why not it is a new trend in the market and that’s why so many brands are making them but what bad about it is it look more like a smartphone strap on your wrist with constantly ringing notification for pity things

I have tested many hybrid smartwatches from the big brand but most of them lack in the classy and traditional look of the watch, they look more like a smartphone on your wrist and require to charge daily. Now here’s is the one which catches my eyes as soon as I get to know about “GLIGO E-Ink Smartwatch” which has a two display  so i immediately thought about sharing it. It has  a modern, simple and elegant look, which is fit for every occasion with the minimalistic design it has some great features,  like you can switch between black and white screen which suit your environment, waterproof up to 30 meters with a quick magnetic charging technology which is more convenient than plug and go. it also supports email, call and application alerts and many more unique features.

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The smartwatch having two displays with traditional look

It has two displays yes you heard it right one is the E-ink and other the quartz display and what elegant about the GLIGO E-Ink Smartwatch display is that it doesn’t show a reflection under the sun like traditional liquid crystal displays have. The text looks like a printed text and it only consumes energy when screen colour changes (e.g., switching from black to white). After turning off, images on screen remain same hence making it a very energy-efficient and if you are a frequent traveller the display can show the different time zone one beneath the other.

Gligo smartwatch with the white line showing notification

Overall features

It comes with a two pin design with an old quartz movement pin. The E-ink screen that displays time, date, and notification icons. Mobile phone reminder which has its own way of showing the notification. for example, you set a reminder for 12 pm and  8 pm for the meeting the outer circle of that part will show white and the rest black so no disturbing notification which peeps every time.  It can also withstand in up-to 30 meters depth water. with powerful quartz core battery which has a lifespan of two years.

 You don’t have to worry about the battery for seeing time even when your e-link display has the low battery as the quartz core part display uses its own.

Also, the E-link display is chargeable which can keep track of your heart rate, running distance and even remind you to take rest with sleep monitor.

You can choose between classical leather or the mesh style strap stainless steel band which suit your style. You just need to download The GliGo Watch application which allows you to connect seamlessly with your phone.

Now quick features grab

Dimensions [thickness]41 mm x 12 mm
       DisplayE-ink segment display
     memory, CPU Arm cortex-M3,128
      sensorsgreen light heart rate sensor, 3-axis accelerometer
      Battery100 mah
      BluetoothBLE  4.2
    water resistant, high temperature resistant30 meters
    case material and strap materialTEMPERED glass, stainless steel/ classic leather

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    • thanks aafan for the compliment

    • @shad I agree with you that most of the smartwatch look like a smartphone on your wrist and I was looking for the smartwatch that look like traditional watch , but where can I buy it