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The kitchen needs its time to shine, and if you have decided to remodel your kitchen, a checklist is perfect for keeping track of all the things that need to be done. If you have no clue where to start, then you can begin exploring for possible options.

After you have pondered what to do, it is the perfect time to remodel the kitchen. Here are the eight steps you need to do to make everything easier from start to finish.

Step 1. Evaluate What Your Kitchen Needs

This step is about knowing and understanding your kitchen. What layout you think is best for this area? Do you have appliances needed to upgrade? What theme should you go for? If you are still confused about what to do, get ideas from Pinterest or other online kitchen guides.

After searching for some designs, ask yourself if how many people will be cooking in the kitchen? Do you need to increase the space for your countertop? Do you need a bigger kitchen area?

With all these considerations, set your priorities. It is important to write down the priorities for your kitchen to refer to while the renovation is starting. Also, have some printed layouts or designs to know your style and show these examples to your contractors.

Step 2. Budget Plan

If you are ready to start for your remodeling, know the scope of the work in your kitchen. Do you need a full kitchen remodel? If you do not need it, start by looking for the area, you only need to change and budget the materials you will likely spend on renovating.

The budget is subject to change, but do not feel worried. As long as you are on track with your budget and prepared for unforeseen circumstances, you are good to start the process. All of this is part of remodeling, and it is good that you can learn from it so you will know how to handle it the next time.

Step 3. Get Contractor Estimates

The remodeling will not get through without a contractor to help build your place. But before choosing the right one, you can have a contractor estimates from different agencies to know the cost of their service. You can present your plans and let them estimate it to know if your budget is enough or not.

Step 4. Find the Trusted Professionals

There are tasks you cannot do by yourself, which you need professional contractors to do it. But, working with experts gives you so many benefits you can enjoy.

Plus, they are with you for a reason. To help you remodel the kitchen you dream of, and they will help with the planning process and design. If the budget is what makes you worry, skilled contractors know how to give a tailored package within your budget.

Step 5. Settle on a Schematic Design

This step includes a detailed plan about the place. The contractor can show you some sketches, space planning, floor plans, and layout. This is a perfect way to visualize the future kitchen and what are the processes needed to achieve your goal.

In addition, this is the time to know what furniture or material will go where and the kitchen’s exact size and total cost.

Step 6. Specify Furniture and Appearances

This process was made because of the goal that you want to achieve for your kitchen. Before this long process starts, you have your own ideas on what style you will incorporate to the furniture you will be using. You have your inspirations from other kitchen blogs that made you decide to choose the kind of interior you want for your kitchen.

Now that you have the style or theme, you will go for your kitchen. This is the time to choose the final furniture and finishes. This may include:

• Cabinetry construction type

• Furniture’s color

• Countertop material

• Refrigerators

• Kitchen sinks

• Kitchen faucets

• Flooring

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Step 7. Work on Design Development

This is the time to finalize the floor plans, the size of the kitchen, the furniture, and the design. Also, another process like lighting switch plans and exterior elevations is catered on this part.

Step 8. Check The List One Last Time

Once the construction is over, we cannot deny that some things are missing or simply forgotten. In order to know if everything is done according to plan, check the list of furniture or finishes or the priorities listed before.

A small thing cannot be remembered because remodeling is messy. It can get complicated; that is why it is vital to recheck everything. If something is missing, a contractor can make changes to it.


The steps make the remodeling process easier. For a homeowner like you who has no idea about the whole process, this is the perfect time to use it. Are you looking for a professional kitchen or bathroom remodeling company? Vista Homes Improvement can help you. 

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