This is the serious question arises in our mind and should too that should i Sell my products on Amazon ? because overall we are going to experience something new in our life. Selling your products on Amazon or any other e-commerce websites is what you need are Your valuable products, GST Certification (for Indians), packaging needs and some other kinds of stuff that’s all. You are now an Amazon seller, and after struggling for some months. You will really start making a good amount of money from it depending on your products.

But wait wait, listen to me first:

If you have some products or stuff which are very new, good quality and something out of the box which someone can’t find easily in the market. And if you started selling your products on eBay, Amazon, Or Flipkart. Then you will be in trouble after some time. Initially, after listing your products on the Amazon, you will get a huge margin and profit on your products. And after receiving huge success out of it, your desire increases to sell more and more products on Amazon. But this will not gonna long lasting.

Let me introduce you the Amazon Basics: One of the most influential private level brand name of Amazon and having $450 million dollar company as per 2017 report. As per the latest data Amazon is having 370 million + active customers and selling over 12 million + products online.

How Amazon Basics copying best selling products?

So the answer is:

  1.  As we know it’s free to sell our products on Amazon. So they invite us to do so.
  2. We push ourself into this, and going through many sleepless nights. We innovate something which is very much fresh in the market.
  3. We take the courage to bring those products in the market and even lots of fear fo failure.
  4. We risk our valuable time and money.
  5. And After listing our products on Amazon and some other platforms.
  6. After a month or more of hard work we finally able to sell the right products at the right price. This is huge…  ACHIEVEMENT
  7. We started making the profit.

But don’t worry someone is taking care of yours in a very good manner like watching our growth, progress, profits, costs, our competitors and all is none other than The “Owner” of our customers i,e Amazon. Basically, they used to collect all our data.

  1. Amazon will copy our products. I will give an example later.
  2. Add their private brand name called “Amazon Basics“.
  3. Sell the product at a much lower price than ours.
  4. Will attach a FREE amazon prime shipping to it.
  5. Position its own products at the top of every result and ours at the bottom.
  6. And within some months we will be out of the Business.

Lets have conclusion

Laptop stand that sold in huge numbers over the last decade by Rain Design. They were selling at the price of $40. And got a huge success out if it. But in nowhere, Amazon came out with the fairly same design as that of Rain Design with their own brand Amazon Basics and price for that stand was $20 only, which is 50% of rain design price. Since then sales of the rain design laptop stands fails miserably.

This is how cleverly Amazon is conquering the best selling products on their own platforms. And at last, they will bye bye us by saying “THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING IN AMAZON MARKETPLACE!”.

So, instead of selling our products through the third party we should either make our own business and bring it online or we can sell it to some platforms which are not as big as Amazon who can copy our products and become our competitors later.

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