What is CFA? What is its significance? The craze of people to opt for a finance career is picking up the pace. And when you are talking about financing and accounting-oriented career opportunities, CFA is something that cannot be neglected at all. If you are looking for certifications that can help you pursue a fruitful career in the finance field, then CFA can be the perfect choice for you.

This financial analyst course or certification is divided into three levels named, CFA Level 1, CFA Level 2, and CFA Level 3. Each level has a different syllabus and topic weightage that examines the fundamental knowledge of accounting professionals. You need to have at least four years of work experience in an accounting profession to be eligible to apply for CFA.

In this article, you would get a clear insight into the reasons that motivate the accounting aspirants to pick the CFA for a better progressive career.

Uncountable Job Prospects

CFA-qualified individuals are usually hired by top asset managers, accounting firms, investment bankers, and many other MNCs. There are endless designations for CFA-qualified individuals such as risk managers, portfolio managers, financial advisors, and much more. If you have already walked on the path of commerce, finance, and accounting, CFA is just a career boost for you.

CFA is Globally Recognised

On successful CFA registration, you would know that its global recognition is the second most important thing that you must keep in mind about CFA. The entire world of finance is well versed in the efficacy of CFA certification. Moreover, every financial firm across the globe has set up CFA qualification as criteria for the hiring process. Therefore, irrespective of the country you are in, CFA certification can help you get a high-paying job for sure. CFA has a high network amongst the finance world, and that is what interests the finance or accounting aspirants for it.

Gain Immense Knowledge

The CFA syllabus or modules are very much precise and updated by CFA institute according to the recent finance standards. Therefore, when you complete your CFA program by clearing all three levels and attaining the certification, you will possess an extensive level of financial knowledge. Some specific factual and practical accounting knowledge within CFA is demanded by select organizations for quality work output.

Your CV Stands Out in the Crowd

With CFA, the accounting professionals or aspirants sitting for a higher designation job interview will have a CV that will stand out amongst all others. It is because the knowledge and skills you possess will be unmatched with normal certifications and courses. Your chances of getting the job are pretty high in your desired finance field with the ‘CFA certified’ tag on your name.


These are a few of the reasons that explain the potential of CFA in building the career of accounting and finance aspirants. So, if you have such plans to take up CFA certification for strengthening your knowledge and expertise in the finance field, then buckle up and meet the eligibility criteria of the same. Take online CFA course in Delhi to master the topics of all levels and get good scores to qualify on merit.

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