After hearing a lot of data breach this year which created a lot of concerned for the tech company. At the end of this year we get to hear one more. And this time from the popular Q/a site quora  where more than 100 million user data have been compromised.

The platform get to know about it on November 30  where a third- party gain access to quora system. Its Quora security teams and a some security firms are currently investigating the breach. 

The Quara platfrom has believes to have identified the main cause of the breach and has taken measure  to address the issue.  Although investigation is ongoing and we’ll get to know about who did it but the company have make security improvements.”

Quora will be notifying users whose data was compromised and logging out all Quora users who may have been affected as a security precaution.

According to Quora, the following data may have been compromised :

Information such as account data, email , and password and even the user account setting and answers.

Things which were not compromised

Although hacker pulled a lot of data from the user but the according to Quora – anonymous Q/a were not affected by the breach as the platform don’t store the data of those posting.

But content like upvotes, answer, question and comment were affected by the breach and even the blog post

In a article of the company they said that no financial information has been compromised.

How do I know if you was affected or not ?

The company says they will email or notify the user whose account are affected.

With the increase of the data breach or attack, what do you think you should do to protect your data ? write your comment down below.

For more information on the breach you should read the Quora security update post and do share to let other people know about it 


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