Have you ever heard you Puzzle Phone?  If the answer is No!! Check this story, because Puzzle phone has the potential to be the Future of smartphones World.

What is Puzzle Phone?

So, Talking about the Puzzle Phone. PuzzlePhone is a smartphone of the future as it has easy to use customize , allowing easy repair and customization of the device. PuzzlePhone are modular and can be customize. The Puzzle phone is dubbed as sustainable and incredible. Which simple justify the phone and its innovative technology. The Team is working on the phone from last 5 years, to make the device with a simple design solution, so people can get the best experience from Puzzle phone. For its development  it has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

The Puzzle Phone is made of 3 Different Part. Brian, Spine, and Heart. The main part brian which Contains critical electronics: the CPU, GPU, RAM, Memory, and Camera. The Spine Contains, Full HD+ Display, and The Hearth contains a battery, and USB Slot for charging, and File transfer. which is a removable battery. This Finland based Puzzle Phone has a really creative and experienced R&D team, Almost everybody in the R&D has Nokia Mobiles background. So, we are assured for a product with great quality and design.

Puzzle Phone hardware have changeable parts, which is going to be revolutionize the smartphone market. Puzzle Phone will not only let people to customize their phone but also reduce electronic waste. The customized smartphone market is beyond expectations, but Puzzle phone is making the ways easier with the launch.

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      It would be pretty awesome to use because today’s smartphone comes with the strictly calibrated design. i think you are right it would be the future where consumer has the right to change the design of the smartphone but it depends how much flexibility would it give. what do you think

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      Awesome i never heard of it. @saaquib27 i even watch your youtube videos you really upload a great videos