Across the globe, tea is the most popular hot beverage to consume both for taste and for its benefits. Proven by various scientists, it has been recorded that tea can help in preventing some very serious conditions such as obesity, dehydration and more.

What are the types and benefits of drinking tea?

Types of healthy tea;

Disguised as a few variants, tea has a lot of potential benefits to help boost your immune system. However which form of tea actually is beneficial? Does a large cup of sugary tea have the same benefits? Let’s look into that below,

  • Benefits of Black tea – Containing a strong source of antioxidants, black tea brings out a lot of benefits like; it helps in preventing viruses in the mouth and gum, which also helps in preventing blood clots.
  • Benefits of Oolong tea – One of the best alternatives to burning off calories, this tea also brings a lot of healthy benefits to your body. It is often compared with green tea for benefits, however unlike green tea, Oolong tea is said to be sweeter and has a much more pleasant taste. Thus making it the better choice with taste..
  • Benefits of Green Tea – Unlike the two above, green tea brings much more to the cup. Some of these benefits include boosting the performance of the liver, preventing arthritis by strengthening bones and boosting memory power. Drinking a cup of green tea will help you get most of these benefits, however freshly brewing the green tea rather than sticking to green tea bags tends to give out the best results.

If you are interested in these different types of tea variants above you can purchase your preferred flavours from brands like Zesta Ceylon Tea. They actually have a pretty good selection of healthy tea products, they have the options for tea bags or tea leaves, and finally the best part about this brand is that their tea is extremely rich in flavour and easily purchasable online.

Those are the benefits of different tea variants; but what about the general tea benefits? Let’s find out!

Tea helps in reducing cardiovascular diseases – Tea is quite commonly known to widening key arteries and reduce the risk of blood clots. Thus helping to improve the blood flow in the body. The antioxidants additionally play a great part in slowing down any types of cardiovascular diseases.

Tea helps in prevention of tooth decay – An interesting fact about tea is that it contains a significant amount of fluoride. Which can help in boosting and strengthening the enamel. In addition to that, antioxidants have also been known to fight against bacteria and gum diseases. These thereby help to prevent tooth decay and strengthen your teeth.

Hydrating your body – Water is often known as the best option to hydrate oneself. However if you’re looking for a flavourful option, tea is your ideal choice. Even though it still has a lot of caffeine, tea has a significant amount of water as well. Up to 4 -5 cups a day can bring out some of the best results.

Weight Loss with healthy tea – Rather than spending your time sipping on a sweet, rich in calorie drink, why not move to something that has an actual benefit to you? Regularly consuming a freshly brewed natural tea can help you burn out all that excess calories stored up in your body. 

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