PortraitFlip Startup was born during the fall of 2019 in the dorm-room of the Vellore Institute Of Technology. With no intentions of making a success globally, it emerged solely as a need for the hour.

None thought that it would become a startup yielding 3.5crs annually, flipping and making a difference in the community.

“Our vision was to deliver an experience in form of art. But we did not realize that we were indirectly unveiling the unseen, unsung maestros of the art world,” said co-founder Sunny Choudhary. 

“We, at PortraitFlip, aim towards creating and promoting approximately 500 independent Indian artists by the end of 2022.”

With the passion intact and the will to grow further, PortraitFlip is shifting progressively by reaching out to more than 100 artists, with a backend team of 9 e-marketing experts.

Startups are never easy and the trio has had a share of ups and downs too. 

But what painted a big-picture for them was their endurance, persistence, and faith.

How Did It All Start?

It was the month of September in the year 2017 when Lavdeep Chahal (26) was trying to find a handmade portrait for his friend. 

Most of the services were solid diddle and charged plenty much to deliver.

Although the search ended on a bummer, it left Chahal with a picture-perfect start-up idea. He roped Sunny Choudhary (24) into believing that they could make a deal out of it.

With a plan of bridging the gap between artists and customers, they tugged Shubhanshu Maheshwari (25) too. 

While Maheshwari was given the entire responsibility of developing the website, the other two started working on the business skeleton.

Interestingly, it started just as a way to suffice their college caprice, and none of them perceived how bright their future looked.

Biggest Failure And How PortraitFlip Overcame It

It was October and the website had already hit the internet with the trio ready to kickstart their idea.

“High hopes and glitter in the eyes, we can never forget that moment,” Sunny Choudhary.

But whoever said, “You always pass failure on your way to success,” was never wrong.

“It was already three months and we hadn’t received a single real order,” Choudhary recalls. “It felt as if all our efforts were going in vain.”

While we try our best to put in every inch of our soul into work, there is always “luck” that has to meddle.

Choudhary burnt the midnight oil to fill up the loopholes and come up with the ruling factor of GoogleAds.

Like Choudhary said, “Reaching to the solution was easy but executing it was the difficult part. The money will always stand as a fence.”

Rightly said, but when people have friends, the jump becomes easier. Their college-mates clubbed in a 50,000 Rs. to fund the initial round of GoogleAds while the trio promised to return the amount soon with interest.

While January was a month of resolutions and breaking it, PortraitFlip was busy painting big and colourful pictures around the globe.

But a startup is much more than what you think.

When you decide to perform for a larger audience, you take a bigger risk of losing yourself. Delivering art internationally came with shipping snags and delays initially.

PortraitFlip decided to go a little further with its investment and partnered up with big fishes like DHL and FedEx that took half of the burden off their shoulders.

Just A College Hustle Or More?

College was almost over and it was time to answer a bigger question. What is PortraitFlip?

It was either to be locked forever in the boy’s locker room of VIT or to be moved to a larger space. It was either knocking on interview doors or taking interviews instead.

The choice was simple but it required courage.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Market research showed colourful results and bang – Welcome to PortraitFlip!

The trio finally thought through and did what they had to. It company was finally registered in July 2018 becoming PortraitFlip E-Commerce Pvt Ltd.

PortraitFlip Startup Right Now!

Portraitflip Team

It’s been two and a half years since the origin and today PortraitFlip is creating inspiration for many younger startups.

With an annual turnover of 3.5crs, it is delivering Pet Portraits, Couple Portraits, Family Portraits, and a gallery of variations internationally without any shipping costs.

The TrustPilot rating of 4.7 out of 5 speaks for its reputation as an expert in this industry.

PortraitFlip is not only expanding its wings but also its in-office team which now consists of three full-time content writers, two full-time graphic designers, and two full-time chat service executives.

It has tied up with more than 100 studios across the globe with almost 30 independent artists.

Future Looks Bright

When PortraitFlip Startup checked the records, it was surprising to see that 70% of the revenue came from Pet Portraits.

Portraitflip Startup

This gave a whole new structure to the startup with the creation of their sister website dogisworld.

The startup has planned a module for this niche and is ready to enter the pet industry soon.

Besides, it is forethinking to provide and promote at least 500 Indian artists by 2022.

Commercially, PortraitFlip Startup is almost ready to fundraise by the end of the next financial year along with the idea of generating a healthy economy by giving employment to potential youth.

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