Ideas might be the most commonly encountered of entities for the mind but entrepreneurship does not come as easy to all. A clear vision and an even clearer focus are the most important elements that can make successful entrepreneurs out of starry-eyed dreamers. Because passion does not stem at any age, so too you don’t need to be catering to any specifications whatsoever to emerge as enterprising minds who can make it matter. Fueling their desires and translating them into reality is what goads some of the young entrepreneurs of India who are making it big and will continue to do so in 2020-

King Siddharth

Source: Infibusiness Solution

Listed among the World’s 25 Young Entrepreneurs in the year 2010, King Siddharth started out as an entrepreneur while he was still in school. A creatively inclined and very active Siddharth took the entrepreneurial road forward of his enthusiasm and started an online magazine called Friendz when he was in the tenth standard as a platform that catered to all like-minded people. Developing also a keen interest in film making and acquiring diverse knowledge on and about websites in the subsequent years, Siddharth’s journey is one that very much emulates the routine aspirations of the youth. It indeed then is his entrepreneurship and his zeal to convert his passions to something more concrete that prodded him on the path of emerging as an enterprising soul. With other ventures also like Headout and Instamojo to his name, King Siddharth is definitely one of the top young entrepreneurs of India.

Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran

Source: India School News

The youngest Mobile Application Programmers in India according to Apple, siblings Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran are also among the young entrepreneurs of the country. The founders of mobile app developer Go Dimensions, the Kumaran brothers started out as mere 12 ad 10-year-olds to develop applications for both Android and IOS platforms. Featured in the Forbes 2017 30 under 30 Asia: Consumer Technology list, both Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran aim to develop simple technological solutions for the digital world with their venture that they started in 2011. Notably, the Kumaran brothers have also already developed more than 10 of such apps.

Ritesh Agarwal

source: CNBC News

Emerging at the top of every young entrepreneur in India list is Ritesh Agarwal, the founder and CEO of OYO rooms that have virtually revolutionized the realm of tech backed budget stay- places in the country. Agarwal founded the company as a 19-year-old in 2012 with only 11 rooms in a Gurgaon hotel. But with his foresight and tremendous entrepreneurial abilities, Agarwal has now managed to make OYO account for some about 65000 rooms in almost 5500 hotels across India.

A college dropout who however is also the first resident Asian to be awarded the Thiel Fellowship, Ritesh Agarwal started with a budget accommodation portal called the Oravel Stays, for booking budget hotels that eventually was launched as the company OYO Rooms in 2013. Winner of the Business World Young Entrepreneur Award and named on a couple of Forbes 30 under 30 lists, Agarwal’s entrepreneurial spirit indeed goaded him on to be the man behind India’s now second most valuable startup.

Advait Thakur

Source: The doers network

The founder and CEO of Apex Infosys India, tech prodigy Advait Thakur is another of the young entrepreneurs from India who has been fiddling with computers and tech ever since the age of 6. Started with an aim to be the most preferred choice for individuals as well as companies for fulfilling their digital requirements, Apex Infosys India is an exclusive IT and Digital Marketing Agency that helps to provide a unique solution in the digital realm.

A computer programmer and internet entrepreneur, all at 16 years of age, Advait is ranked fourth in Wikia’s Young Entrepreneurs Under 20 list of 2017 and launched his first-ever website at the young age of 9. Thakur is also a Google, Bing and Hubspot Certified Professional who has been working with Google’s AI and Natural Language Processing APIs for some years now. Also the youngest HubSpot Inbound Certified and Microsoft’s Bing Accredited Professional, this genius mind is also behind the development of the app Technology Quiz and is hailed as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world.

Advait’s exemplary genius and refined entrepreneurial vision have led him to be acknowledged by numerous institutions and organisations globally. Featured in the Startup India’s ‘Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs In India 2018’ and ranked amongst “Most Influential Youth Marketing Professional of 2019′ by Global Youth Marketing Forum presented by Zoom, CMO Asia and World Federation of Marketing Professionals and one of the 100 shortlisted winners of Summer With Google 2018, Advait Thakur is no less an inspiration for people even way past his age.

Tilak Mehta

A 13-year-old entrepreneur who founded a logistics start-up by the name Papers N Parcels in 2018, Mumbai boy Tilak Mehta drew from his own experience of failing to get some books delivered within the city. Papers N Parcels is easing intraday courier services in Mumbai with a former banker as its Chief Executive Officer and also incorporates the famed Dabbawalas of the city to bring about further efficiency in convenient deliverance. Using a dedicated mobile application for conducting business that delivers some over 1000 parcels per day, Mehta developed Papers N Parcels as fully his own venture even when he could have easily been coursed along by his father who himself has been the executive of a logistics company. Acknowledged as the Youngest Entrepreneur in the Logistics Sector at the India Maritime Awards soon after the launch, Mehta sure is a worthy name in the list.

Sreelakshmi Suresh

Source: The Covai Post

Widely hailed as one among the youngest web designers as also the youngest CEO in the world, Sreelakshmi Suresh set on her entrepreneurial spree by designing a website as a mere 6-year-old. Her more formal venture, however, took off with the establishment of eDesign in 2009 when she was just 10 and has now grown into being a full-fledged web designing company. The only member of the Association of American Webmasters under the age of 18 as well as the recipient of their Gold Web Award, Suresh has also been profiled as well as awarded by a number of other national and international institutions and organisations.

Farhad Acidwalla

Source: Flickriver

Someone who started of as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world and continues to be an enterprising mind for a decade now, Farhad Acidwala is in fact also one of the brighter minds in the country. The CEO of web development firm Rockstah Media and founder of CYBERNETIC DIGITAL, Acidwala has been putting his entrepreneurial skills to work since about 13 years of age. From building an online community to buying a domain from some money that he borrowed from his father, a young Farhad capitalised on his business ideas to now emerge as being one of the top entrepreneurial personalities in the country.

Acidwala’s reputation as one among the youngest entrepreneurs is furthered by his accreditation by a number of prestigious names in the business world. Featured 5th on CNN Money’s 2011 list of young entrepreneurs to watch, 4th on India TV’S 2012 list of Most Promising Young Indian Entrepreneurs of the year, second on the list of The Telegraph (UK)’s “25 internet success stories aged 25 and under”, Farhad Acidwala counts also on acclaims as these apart from the global presence of his company to justify his presence.

Azhar Iqbal

Source: India Pages

The co-founder of one of India’s highest-rated news app Inshorts, Azhar Iqbal is another college dropout who rose to become a successful entrepreneur. Starting out as a Facebook page, Inshorts rose to be one of the fastest-growing news apps that catered to delivering crisp and concise news on the go to its users. Innovative in its essence and efficiently working on the quality of content as well as on the technology that backs it up has made Inshorts the way to fame for a young Iqbal and his peers.

Akshay Ruparelia

Source: The Better India

The youngest ever millionaire in the UK, 19-year-old Indian-origin student Akshay Rupareli claims stake to the young tag also on a diversified realm. As the founder of online agency estate business site, Ruparelia created history when the company became the 18th biggest estate agency in the UK with a valuation at 12 million pounds in just over a year of its launch. Starting out as a site built on a mere 7000 pounds, doorstep claims to have sold properties worth 100 million pounds.

Shradha Sharma

Source: Coffee Time Talkz

An entrepreneur who charted out her route to success by charting out other entrepreneurs, Shradha Sharma definitely boasts of a mind and a vision that has placed her firmly among the famous young people of India. The founder, CEO and chief editor of YourStory, a media technology platform for entrepreneurs, Sharma started out as a 25 year young in 2008 when she embarked to narrate the tales of people she would eventually grow to be one like. Currently the most influential platform for startups in the country, YourStory boasts of a reader engagement of 10 million every month and firmly establishes Sharma time and again as “the biggest storyteller of India’s digital space”.

Phanindra Sarma

Source: Hindu Business Line

The founder of the biggest online ticket booking platform in India called, Phanindra Sarma is another of the entrepreneurs of the country who started out young. As a then 26-year old who thought of devising an easier way of booking bus tickets owing to his own bitter experience of missing the bus back home, Sarma took the entrepreneurial route forward quite casually as he began with his venture. Also a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum now, Sarma is the founder of Pilani Soft Labs Pvt Ltd as well and continues to inspire and motivate other upcoming and young people in their entrepreneurial journey by also investing in emerging businesses and startups.

Nandan Reddy

Source : Youtube

A food delivery platform that is increasingly catering to the gastronomic demands of the current populace, Swiggy owes its beginning and existence in India to also one of the young entrepreneurs. A 26-year-old when he rolled out Swiggy along with fellow mate Sriharsha Majety and Rahul Jamini, Nandan Reddy took inspiration from another young entrepreneur Phanindra Sarma to emerge second time lucky with his entrepreneurship venture. A feature in the 2017 Forbes 30 under 30 lists, Reddy sure had embarked on the road lesser trodden with Swiggy but now commands a presence that is significantly greater in the realm of innovative business in India.

Keshav Mehta

source: Maxternmedia

Another of the young entrepreneurs of India from Bihar is Keshav Mehta, CEO of Kaamchaalu Global LLP that provides Digital Advertising services. No wonder he has also been listed as the Youngest Digital Entrepreneur from Bihar in 2019 and among the Top 30 Young Digital Marketing Entrepreneur 2019.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Source: NDTV Gadgets

Starting out also as among the young entrepreneurs of India is Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma. But much before the mobile-based consumer payment platform got going in 2010, Sharma already was running a mobile internet company One97 Communications Ltd. that in fact is the parent company of Paytm. Started in 2000, One97 is now one of the leading names in mobile internet in India and has been instrumental in placing Sharma as the youngest Indian in the 2017 Forbes’ World Billionaire’s List. With his own share of turbulence and troubles to back his presence as a successful entrepreneur, Sharma rose from being a guy who bought second-hand tech magazines to being the founder of one of the hotshot names characterising tech-driven consumer services in the country.

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