So, you have decided to take your Brick & Mortar business online and looking for a potential web development company? We understand, the task of creating a business site from scratch is overwhelming and your partner needs to be an expert in both website design and backend development. The chosen company’s goals and ambitions must align with yours. Therefore, it’s important to ask some important questions during initial business meetings regarding design, cost and timeline of the project. Coming up with these questions might be hard for someone who is a tech rookie, therefore Apni Market is at the rescue. We have carefully curated a list of 7 most important questions that you need to ask your web development company in India.

What Services Are Provided?

Different web development agencies provide different service packages, and you should discuss in advance for the package that suits you. Do they offer SEO? Do they create video and image guides for your website? Do they offer SMM services? Make a list of all those services that are being offered in your package.


How Much Time the Project Will Take?

You as a client must be aware of the whole schedule of the project. Timelines of development of different website projects vary from project to project. Therefore, you need to stay aware of the key milestones for the successful launch of your website.


Do You Optimize Websites for Mobile & SEO?

Ask your web development company in detail about their experience in Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization. How are they planning to create effective Title Tags & Description with optimum keywords regarding your website’s niche? Half of any website’s searches come from smartphone devices, therefore it’s also important that your website has quick mobile responsiveness.

How Many Site Revisions Do You Allow For?

As a client, you want your site to be beautiful and efficient. And Trust us, you will never be done with design and backend revisions. So, ask your partner agency about the number of site revisions allowed after the project, and also the additional cost for these revisions.

Do You Perform Quality Assurance Testing?

Your website should be tested properly before going LIVE. Quality Assurance Testing assures that your visitors have a clutter-free & smooth browsing experience.

Will I be Able to Make Edits on My Own?

With time, your website will require certain modifications. So, ask your developer about the whole editing process and the special tools provided, so you can make necessary changes when required.

How Much Do You Charge?

Developer rates vary with experience, so figure out your budget and discuss in advance before allocating your website’s project.

NOTE: – Don’t go for cheap website developers, as the rule of thumb says: You get what you pay for. It’s better to spend extra to give your website an edge over others in your niche.

These are the 7 Questions that you need to ask your web development agency before finalizing any deal. Also, if you’re looking for development & digital marketing services like App Development, SEO, Video Production & Email Marketing then click here to contact Apni Market.

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