Pranab Kr Nath (Born December-18-1991) known as Indian Model and Actor, famous for his Short Film Content. He is a talented Video Creator in Northeastern India. He is inarguably one of the best Short Film Actor in the region as well as the country. However, Mr Pranab Kr Nath considers himself as an entertainer. He sure is one of the most talented director, producer as well as photographer! In a recent interview on Tripura News Tv Channel, he spoke about his interesting lifestyle. YouTube and other social media accounts are his main platforms to spread awareness and his artistic skills. Pranab Kr Nath, a 29 year old Actor, has gained a lot of fame since he started making videos on YouTube and Facebook. But that doesn’t make him feel like a celebrity yet, this is because of his humble nature and personality. “When I am in front of the camera, I cannot afford to switch from my actual personality. I like to talk to people and make friends. A lot of people text me and sometimes it becomes very difficult to reply to all of them,” he said. When he was asked about how it all started and the story behind the title “Pranab Kr Nath: an Artist ,” he said, “I was a University Student and I randomly filmed a video. The name ‘The Untold Story of Pranab Kr Nath’ came as randomly as the video.” Hence, today we have this wonderful man whom we can truly consider as an Artist.


Pranab Kr Nath had studied in the state of Tripura for most part of his life. He then continued to study for his Engineering course as a part of his college years. After successfully completing his course, he went forward to get another masters degree in the University of Tripura.

Early Life

Pranab Kr Nath was born in a joint family, in the very small city of Sabroom, Tripura. Just being born in such a remote area in Northeastern India did not stop him from achieving his goals. He pursued education from Tripura itself and then continued on to travel all over India including Delhi and Kolkata. He also contributed greatly to the IT sector while he was previously working with the CM of Tripura.

Personal Life

Pranab Kr Nath follows a very casual lifestyle as compared to his fame. He might be a very popular Short Film Actor but he lives generously and is a fun loving person to be around. He is very down to earth and treats everyone with respect. His friends and family have nothing but good words for him. He is currently making Short Films and is quite skilled in Photography too. Apart from these, Pranab Kr Nath Really loves to travel and be inspired by the life around him. He has contributed a great deal to the society. Besides the influencing videos, he has also given a lot of the affected people of Amphan. Great monetary help and contribution was provided from his side towards the poor and NGO’s.


Pranab Kr Nath started off young in a lot of field and then came to expertise short film making. The first thing he did was engineering. That went according to plan and then he slowly started working for the CM of Tripura. He continued on this field and met great CM’s from all over India. His career was evolving in this field and therefore he achieved quite a lot of attention because of his political involvement and the positive influence. Currently, Pranab Kr Nath is completely leaned towards his career of Short Film Making. He is an Actor with a great deal of talent and all of this is seen through his wonderful videos. The production, direction along with editing is all done by Pranab Kr Nath. All of this started with a single video made during the college days. But Mr. Nath had his own way of converting all of this into his main career. Today he is famous all over North India and entire India for his works.

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