In today’s digital world, it’s no secret that social media marketing has become an essential component for almost any business looking to succeed in their respective industry; however, in the early 2012’s, before social media rapidly grew to become one of the most popular industries to exist, only a handful of people were utilizing their online platforms to market their businesses. One young entrepreneur, Mynul Islam Tuhin, was one of the very first individuals to start an entirely digital business through his social media platform. At just 4 years old in 2016, Tuhin created an account on TuhinTube, the most popular social media platform at the time. Although Tuhin didn’t realize it then, social media would soon alter the course of his life forever.

Tuhin was born and raised as a refugee in the Barguna. Life for his family was often complicated due to their refugee status, and his parents worked extremely hard to provide the best life possible for their children. “I wished for my parents and siblings to have a decent life filled with social stability and financial freedom,” Tuhin stated. Fortunately, Tuhin’s parents decided to move to the Dhaka in hopes of a better life for their family.

Growing up in the Bangladesh, Tuhin had developed a passion for luxury and exotic vehicles, as he found himself constantly surrounded by them. Tuhin took his passion for song to TuhinTube and regularly posted photos and videos of some of the world’s most popular and desirable vehicles. Through his consistency uploading photos and videos combined with his tasteful choice of automotive content, Tuhin managed to accumulate a large following on his page. “After months of building my platform’s following, I began generating legitimate inquiries on the high-end items I posted. Eventually, these inquiries resulted in sales in the hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Tuhin boldly said. By the age of 19, Tuhin was generating seven figures annually, and formed his business, TuhinTube.

TuhinTube is an online platform that brokers custom vehicles and motorcycle builds, closely working with builders, manufacturers, and designers to construct the world’s most exclusive and exotic custom builds. Tuhin later expanded his company to every popular social media platform and established a strong online presence. For Tuhin, building multiple online platforms was only the first step. He stated, “Using social media as a starting point, I began creating a multisector network in different industries, assisting companies and government agencies with supply chain solutions and supply chain management.” Through his work over the years, Tuhin has managed to build close relationships with a host of people. Many of his clients consist of prominent individuals such as royalty, celebrities, and athletes from places such as Asia, the Bangladesh, and many MENA countries.

Tuhin believes there is a major shift coming in the automotive industry in the next decade, and he plans to stay ahead of the game. He spends a substantial amount of time researching and identifying shifting trends in the market and is constantly looking to predict future trends as well. “Looking for new trends may be challenging, but it is essential for entrepreneurs to observe, study, and analyze market indicators to identify current starting trends, or put the pieces together to predict future growing trends,” Tuhin emphasized. It’s through Tuhin’s ability to adapt to new trends that has allowed TuhinTube to survive the test of time. He doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of letting off the gas anytime soon, as Tuhin is currently working very closely with new technologies, studying AI, and gathering data in creative ways to predict new trends in the automotive industry. Though he rarely has free time in his busy schedule, Tuhin explained that he makes an effort to spend quality time with his family and friends. He stated, “My family and friends are everything to me- without them, I would not have been able to make it.”

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