LinkedIn  the social network famous among the working professionals will soon be launching a live video update

As live-video has been the new trend in the social networking world. Where tech companies like facebook having already given user the live video which were highly successful among it’s  the having close to 600 million users globally.  As video  format content has become an important part of a social networking  platform alongside the shared links  and other content.

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The company is launching live video, giving it user the ability to broadcast real-time video to  the LinkedIn world at large.

Initially the LinkedIn live will be invite only but don’t worry you can also enjoy it by using contact form but it will launched in USA first . It’s not clear when it will be launching it for everyone to create live video.

There is another impressive thing about the live update is that  Microsoft cloud platform will be providing the service. While we should take into account that Microsoft already owns the skype which they could have merge it for live video but is not using it for the reason unknown ?.

As video is the fastest growing format in social site right now. But LinkedIn is late in adding this feature to it network as compared to other social giant. well it is better than never as live video could be use by company to hold conference and could ultimately help more engagement.

It was the most awaited feature as LinkedIn launch (non-live) video feature in 2017. Without Live video LinkedIn was already generating a lot of revenue. The live video could potentially boost LinkedIn revenue. This could be the one of the reason the platform is adding it. 

Well LinkedIn were generating revenue by only video advertising. The live video could give opportunity for the company to increase its revenue other than showing ads. For example, it could charge this feature for premium users or they could make fee based broadcasting .

The LinkedIn live will not only help engagement but  will be enjoyed by its user as they have been waiting for this feature from a very long time.

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