Hey, everyone!

This is Sayem Ibn Kashem. I am a blogger and affiliate marketer. I have started my blogging in 2018 and become a full-time blogger in 2021. I don’t think I am successful yet. But if I would follow these three tips at my early age, I could be more ahead.

In this period of time, I have learned something very important!

I am gonna share everything about this here!

If you follow these three tips and implement them in your life, you are gonna go ahead to your success soon!

Focus On Learning Instead Of Earning

I have seen many young people who are eager to earn money at their very young age. This is really pretty cool and I appreciate it. But it’s pretty important to learn first. Because knowledge brings money, not money can bring knowledge.

For example, you are work at the bank. Though it’s not important to have knowledge about inflation, you should gain some knowledge about that. You should know why inflation happens, how it impacts the economy, and so on!

All I wanted to tell you that be an expert in your niche and have knowledge about other surroundings. You will get better eventually.

Spend Your Own Money

Start earning at a very young age. Don’t ask for money from your parents. All of your daily expenditures should be done with your own money. This will help you to value money and learn money management.

Now you are thinking, you are just a boy where you will get money to spend!

There are tons of ways to make money. All you need to open your eyes and look around. I know many people who are only 13-16 years old but earning a good amount of money.

You can do blogging, freelancing, and YouTubing. These tasks don’t take a huge investment. You can earn a passive income through this platform. Like freelancing takes zero investment, if you have a camera phone, you can start a youtube channel and make money from it by uploading videos. And blogging takes very little investment. There are many hosting providers that offer free trial hosting without a credit card. You can try them and start your blog to make money online.

Choose your friends carefully

Choose your friends carefully. Choose friends who have faith in you and willing to work in a team. If you are taking a risk, if any friend discourages you, start ignoring him from today.

Because, without failing, you are not going to figure out how to pass the game.

So only be friends with the people who encourage you and be with you when there is a hard time and ready to jump with you anywhere you want! [If you are not doing something illegal].

Trust me if I would follow these simple three things at my early age, I could be more ahead of today!

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