Muskaan Verma : Actress

Born and brought up in a traditional family in Roorkee, Uttarakhand, Muskaan Verma is an Indian actress popularly known for her work in Bollywood Movies and TV Shows. She always wanted to be an actress.

Muskaan Verma started connecting to Bollywood films, songs and everything related to the film industry at an early age. Gradually, some of her inborn talents like dancing and acting started emerging from within and there she was looking for opportunities to pursue her passion. She didn’t have a road map to achieve that but slowly and gradually the opportunities started unfolding and destiny was driving her towards the goal.

She shifted from Dehradun to Mumbai. Initially, she started off by doing TV ads. This was followed by another role in the Tv show Radha- Krishna which is on air Star Bharat as the friend of Radha and Lead role in Maria: Journey of Love.

Muskaan Verma is cherished by her fans for the hard work she puts into everything she does. Sharing her learning process as an actor she says that passion, aptitude, desire to live various characters, hard work, practices, workshops, theatres and onset training gradually makes a good actor, though learning is a never-ending process.

On the work, Muskaan Verma has many upcoming movies Like Shashank which is based on nepotism and the recent events of young actor Sushant Singh Rajput. A movie Like Vishh (Poison) which shooting has been started in Dehradun.
Follow her on Instagram @iammuskaanverma and stay connected.
We wish them to achieve her a lot of success and awards and keep shining like a born star.

Muskaan Verma is also Awarded as The Young Sensation of the year 2019 by Dada Sahab Falke Award Show.

“Learning is a never-ending process,” says famous actress Muskaan Verma while sharing her wide set of experiences. 

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