Facebook has launched its new app which is similar to chinese app tik tok . Tik tok which is a short form video app which facebook is chasing. After chasing  Instagram [now under the facebook] and snapchat ,facebook has always tried to be the part of the video sensation.  The app is launched only in U.S . let see how facebook win over the teen heart. the app ha great feature. let see how do as facebook has lost its charm after the several controversies.

Although the app has been launched only in U.S but you can download it in India with apk . You can download it from below but you should get to know about it first.

Facebook app lasoo app similar to tik-tok

Facebook lasso app is available for download on ios and android. It was launch without any publicity and was quietly announced at the twitter by product manager by a tweet . And it’s not a first time that Facebook has tried something new or app that were teen focus for e.g like poke which fail miserably.

The app is built by members of Facebook’s video team under the leadership of Facebook’s product designer Brady Voss .

The app let you shoot short videos and lip-syncing to the music just like Tik-tok. Its has many feature like an algorithmic feed of recommended videos.It also lets you search through hashtags.

You can sign in to the app through Instagram and Facebook . After you are done with it you will see lots of short videos that auto-play as you scroll down. Hashtags are displayed at the bottom and like other social media platforms you can also filter content with tags.

Lasso app download and features 

Although the app look absolutely stunning but the problem with it is that app has arrived late in the market . As the rival has already crossed more than 150 million users. And they have gain a lot of  fan following in the recent year. 

You can try downloading it from here. I will not guaranty that it will work but you can see whether its working or not because it worked on my mobile.

I do agree that facebook lasso has something great to offer. Like sharing your videos to facebook stories and also arriving support for the instagram in the future release. But there is no timer and comment section in it. Its advantage over it rival is that lasso could focus on moderation policies better as there rival have big problems dealing with its underage content.

The app is basically build for teen ,and is similar to TikTok/Musically but with no uploading of videos are allowed you can simply just shoot.

While Facebook were really successful at copying some part of Snapchat’s feature like stories and they already had an up-hand in experience and resource , let see the what facebook has to offer so that user could make a leap to its app so that user forget the app rival.

The question is whether the lasso be able to win the heart among the teen ? Will the facebook loss its winning strike against the rivals ? Will it be able to  win it over just like it the snapchat which threaten its existence .Please don’t forget to let’s know whether the apk above worked or not. 

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