Italy is famous for being a city that pours out love and romance and everything related to the emotions in every street, every building, every piece of art and every bite of food you eat. It can be said to be in the very air that you breathe.

Here are a few Italian lessons in love and romance that you can apply in Sri Lanka:

Spoiling your loved one with gifts and flowers may seem like an obvious given, but in Italy an occasion is not required to do this. Show your special someone that you are thinking of them with an unexpected gift or a single rose to put a smile on their face and make their day. The small effort will go a long way.

Italians are taught from a young age to appreciate beauty and praise it and to pursue what they like with a passion. This is seen in their attitudes to dating where they are very forward and flirtatious and not afraid to walk up to a lady and say exactly how they feel. Be open and honest with how you feel, say “I love you” and “I am thinking about you”, whether you are just starting a relationship or been in one for a while.

Romantic settings are plentiful in Italy. Sometimes it is necessary to add a little bit of charming ambiance to dates with your partner. Paved streets, architecturally beautiful buildings and whimsical little shops and stores are not easily available in the heart of Colombo. Why not take a trip to the Galle Fort for these? Walk arm in arm along the tiny paved streets, discover the beautiful dutch colonial buildings, explore the myriad of shops and stores and at the end of it all, take your special someone for a beautiful dinner at an authentic Italian restaurant like AQUA Forte, to complete the feeling of amore. Making memories is what it’s all about and from time to time extra special ones are called for no reason in particular.

Walking hand in hand is another thing Italians do and it is a simple gesture that goes a long way to show love, affection and care. It unites two people through whatever it is they are doing. Stroll through a quaint town like Galle Fort, complete with quiet cobblestone streets that light up rather romantically just after sunset. 

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