Yes, of course, there is a huge difference between an entrepreneur and an ordinary person. Although an ordinary person can become an entrepreneur but for that he/she must have some traits or habits too along with a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work is needed.

Let’s revisit the term Entrepreneurship first.

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, framing idea, launching and running initially a small business for profit and by taking some risks. And the people who create these types of business are called an entrepreneur. And non-Entrepreneur is nothing but a normal people who work in the 9-5 job, return home spend some time with family and again on next day the same schedule. And by chance on weekends, hardly any holiday trip.

Difference between Entrepreneur and Ordinary Person:

Let me explain you by giving an example:

Suppose an ordinary person/Non- Entrepreneur walks into a coffee shop, orders a coffee, sits down, sips on the coffee and after giving appreciations, happily pay the bill and leave it.

Now here comes about An Entrepreneur, When he walks into coffee shop, counts the numbers of occupied seats, estimates the revenue from customers currently in the shop, then estimates the hourly revenue from shop, then multiply by 25 (lets assume it ) to gets a day revenue, multiplies by 7 to get revenue of a week and finally by 50 to get revenues of a year. Additionally, he will add some extra for weekends and holidays.

Estimates the staff’s costs, rent and other costs and if he is coming out with high profit then he/she will at least spends a few minute thinking about starting a better coffee shop nearby in future.

This is basically showing about that person visionary who thinks ahead before doing anything. Along with this, an entrepreneur must have some other characteristics too like planning, leadership quality, skills, risk taker, open-minded,  knowledge and other traits too you should acknowledge.

So I think you all get it very well the difference between An Entrepreneur and an ordinary person. Again I am saying that a person without these traits can’t be successful in their life or do something out of the box. But you must seed these characteristics in yourself at least you should try and see the changes in yourself after some days. You will be definitely going to achieve big in your life.

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